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a movie i put alot of effort into i ope to come out with a serise of this dont blame me if i dont im very unreliabe and lazy but hope u like this

i was ganna make a serise then i figured the character has nothing funny about him actually he just sucks ass



Ok, that was a blatent rip off of the Family Guy. You can't deny it, it is almost exactly the same! Be original. And you're full of shit if you say you don't know what The Family Guy is, everybody knows about it. It's a very popular television cartoon that anyone with a television knows about, and you ripped it off. Even the baby talks the same.

After watching this movie, I wish to kill myself.

First off... WTF?!

I just needed to get that off my chest.

Secondly: The voices suck. It sounds like my little brother (7) did the voices.

Thirdly and some more-ly: The graphics were un-inspiring, there wasn't anything funny, and my little brother's grammar is better... a lot better than this.


You Suck!!!!

Dude, I Dont care what anyone says...

That was funny, I guess the people on NG have lost all humoer! lol, good job! Keep it up!

luke69 responds:

why thnak you


Not funny at all considering the fact that you stole that from Family Guy. Also the drawings aren't good, neither is the animation. Work harder next time and develope your own material. Originality is good.

luke69 responds:

i dont know what familie guy is but im sorry to them

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May 1, 2003
1:37 PM EDT
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