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Quit Complaining!

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Apr 30, 2003 | 9:27 PM EDT

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Author Comments

He's a walkin' talkin' dog, the first of the series. And give it a break, I converted it from Video to Flash.



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Sorry man, but your work sucks...

Okay, where should I begin? You questioned my previous review (against your "Dark Slayer 2" piece of shit) saying that no one helped you attain the score of X.XX (somewhere in the vicinity of 3.3 at the time that I originally reviewed it) but yet you can't even format your swf's so that the intro has the same res. as the movie itself? Hell even your pre-loader has default white-borders on it! The "star-background" on the "intro" is nothing more than a vertical set of dots copied and pasted multiple times with the vertical atrributes altered "ever-so-slightly" so it wasn't just a plain grid! (Mind you these comments are all in regards to "Dark Slayer pt.2") I have also gone and viewed a few of your other entries and sorry man, but just stop while you're ahead. You're flash work is paramount to utter shit and you have no skills when it comes to graphic design, animation or multimedia in general. I'm glad that you are trying to learn but please go through all of the lessons in Flash and actually learn what you're working with before subjecting us to this utter crap. Really now. If this is nothing more than an excercise in shitty Flash, please say so in the description. You may feel that you've come a long way or have some decent Flash skills but you are sorely mistaken. I'm asking kindly here, please stop creating this utter crap and DEFINITELY stop posting it onto a great site like Newgrounds.


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what's it saying?

Give it some subtitles or something. nobody knows what the hell that dog is saying. You couldv'e gotten a lot more creative than just using a picture of a dog too. Learn how to use flash for your next one.


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Talking Dog?

I recommend if your going to make a series about a talking dog, please be sure to make one with a dog that is audible.

I think I heard about 3 words in that whole thing...

Blah blah, "complain"
Blah blah, "christian"
Blah Blah, "joke"


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Quit Lying, too!

From review Response to "Flash Asteroids"

"yeah and I was one of the partners of that program, I didnt make it, but helped show what it should be, and I helped desing the game and samples, look in to things first. "

You are a liar. You had nothing to do with the design of that program. That game was created over 2 years ago. Just admit you suck, and that you're a thief, you little mid-pubescent punk.

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i like dogs