ultime Combat

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Its only a demo
The character dont walk
The character don't die
But the game its funny
You can send me new idea of new character



^^Good Points^^
A bunch of different characters/people duking it out, not a bad idea I suppose.

^^Needs Improving^^
This is a demo, but usually a demo will have a playable part. All you put into this was a lack luster menu, and a really confusing instructions page. You should have at least had some kind of playable part in this to give people a taste of what is going to be happening in this game.

lol boutin

your game is hot boutin pis les autre c toute des faces de tchu de blé d'inde lol

Not bad

this wasnt bad, a little fun, but it needs more animation, for leg movement, and someone being able to win. Other than that i found it fun... fighting as homer simpson. Add more animation and more fighters and i'll give higher marks.

masterV responds:

the game is not finish and i have up caracter and cumputeur thanks for your


well when go to the enemy you dont actualy walk you just shuffle try to make the legs move when u
also maybe you could make the graphics a bit better well it's only a beta version so i shouldn't complain that much let's just say it need's a bit more work
although al the previously it was a pretty good game for beta version=]

masterV responds:

the game is not finish it is only demo so thanck for your masege

yeah your comment is right

Your other character(your opponent)does not move or die.But,it would been more better if it did,but it was ok.

masterV responds:

it is only demo i finish this later in average one at two month

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1.98 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2003
11:08 AM EDT
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