The Burrito Incident

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OK, this is the first apperance of "Crady Ranchero"- a charicter which I plan to make some sort of series. Also, check out the cool merchandise at the end. Please enjoy and write reviews!

PS- click my site <--- to get some cool Mexicanth merchandise. Check out the thong ladies!!!

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((( LOL )))

Ha that was funny in a sorta sick and twisted way, good color used and nice art design like the characters and such, abit short though, hope to see more soon...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Hmmm kinda odd...


UUuuhh ... did I miss something?

Whatever a "strong sense of humor" is ... I obviously don't have one. What's the joke?? Where's the witty observation, social commentary, content ...? I don't want to rip on you but, I just don't get it. Is it funny because the guy's a stereotype? If so, what's the streotype you were goofing on? Anyway, I did like the style of the animation and the fact you have the balls to try and merchandise that character.

Bachine responds:

Hah, well the joke is just the guy himself. Hes a superstar! I mean I feel so bad for him because nobody is going to buy his burritos. Hes got mushrooms and fungus growing on him and just the whole movie is one big pointless joke. I guess really its up to the person to see the joke. Some people find it funny, others dont.

I didn't really like it...

and I wouldn't say that many other people would either because people don't want to watch stuff in which you need to have an IQ of 150 to watch something.

If you just go for original, slap-stick humour, you WILL definately score alot higher in future.

Bachine responds:

Well, you dont need to be a genious to find this funny man. I dont want to be like all the rest and do poop jokes and stupid cheap thrills, I make original concepts and abstract ideas. I guess its just hard for some people to understand the jokes.

That was decent

7 for the effort.


not bad, rather unusual, but a good original idea, and a really good effort

Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2003
8:54 PM EDT
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