Short Mario Movie

April 29, 2003 –
September 24, 2008
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Great animation and all, but yeah, music would be cool. Overall 9.

very simple and quite funny. but it could have used some music.

that was fun i realy think it was great realt nice work:)

The funniest bit... in the end, it says 'Happy End' and the blue Koopas' heads still fly around xD

This is one of the better movies out there. :D

mario went super saian runn for the hills LOL

Man did i ever laugh at that especially at the flashback part and you really did a good job when Mario powered up to unmercifully killing all the koopas which was hilarous itself as well.

I loved when he saw all of the koopas and he whent "holy Sh**" soo funny.

he doesnt suck u should see hes otha movies -.-' Noob

anyway Lol that was really a short movie! :P

that was so gay dude u wasted ur time makin that

lol "that asshole koopa locked the door"

I found this funnier than the other movies of yours that I watched

I recently started watching all your movies again, and they're still really really funny and cool :D Good job on this one XD

lol that was funny when he was peeing and they killed him lol gj

If this took you more then a month, then let me be honest. Could have been better

Good work, a short flash, but funny. Nice choice of text bubbles. I've even got another of your mario movies loading as I write this review. Keep up the good work :)

You gave him super-saiyan powers! I'm SURE he's happy now! Hehehehe....

I feel a funny thing about this flash movie **BOOM!!!!!**
*gasp* *cough* help me *cough* *cough* *gasp* (silence)
{a random voice outa nowhere} O-M-G IThinkHe'sDead!

its ok if you made it a bit longer and if you put some more music in it like smack my bitch up or somthin. but anyways good job. i give yah a 4/5 vote. P.S.please answer me back


I generally don't enjoy sprite movies, but this one was alright. It was a bit funny, and the animation was generally good.

Nice job dude!

that was pretty cool

pretty funneh :D:D:D u should make more short ones instead of long good ones cause people hate waiting

I liked it, I really did. Pretty funny. The flashback and taking a leak was very creative, and then Super Sayain Mario! Surprised me! Nice!

Lol that was a little longer than a quicky but definately interesting in the world of mario and revenge.

that was pretty cool... i love the evil laugh that the turtle guy does after he kills luigi. lol.


Ive been on this site all day today, and not 1 movie was worthy of a 10. geeze

Um... how long has it been since you've last been outside?

It was funny when Mario had a flashback and he saw a shell hitting Luigi that was done well lol.

The movie was far from good but not bad

REally liked the part where Mario turned Infernio, good job!

Short, but funny, very funny, I needed a good laugh, thanks.

BANG BALLA BANG BANG! great beat at the end, lol, loved it, as usual... maybe we have the same brave length? :-P keep up good work

i agree with Yoshira_Blade ! xD that was short but sweet :> funny!! :D keep it up

This movie...well is 100% 10 out of 10 because it is made by a really really good author. TWO HUGE THUMBS UP.

awesome ending!

kinda funny ending

This is a good movie and it has alot of heart in this short. I love it and I will watch is over and over again and I won't care what people think. I will not trash this flash. How would you feel if he trashed yours?

dit is goed. ga zo door


That was indeed a good short movie. And the ending was the real coup de grace.


Quite a good job, keep it up

Sorry, I just don't get your sort of humor.

when koopa laughed and his eyes went nuts...that was the best part...
mario went nuts and killed em all...all over the first land...
where do you GET all of those mario things?
could u tell me...?
I wanna make a mario movie tooo ='(

I love these Mario flashes.

it was pretty good for a short

yo man, the part where u wrote flash bak was so damn funny. the rest was alright.

I loved the evil laughing part the best!

I liked it. You never see Mario and Koopa face off on Newgrounds. It's usually Mario and Luigi or Sonic.

Nice to see he's back to fighting the bad guys.

Its pretty cool.I like how you used the map.Thats one thing you never see todAY.

gr8 stuff, especially when mario went super sajin, I expected he was gonna kill them all but not in that way, cool

great job with this how did u come up whit this stuff it's funny

This was good. The only thing that bothers me is that alot of people use the Dragon ballz power up with mario, but i truly like your work, like the mario in the 70's. Keep more coming and i will surly enjoy them.

och ja, ge zijt ne mariofreak mor tis toch wel een schoon eindresultaat...wijs datter ook DBZ tussen zit :-)

That was, beyond all reasonable doubt, the dumbest thing I have ever seen. I know you're going to disagree, but seriously, it wasn't funny at all.

i'm a bit disappointed, i really liked the SMB Aprils fools and Mario's bad facial hair day but this movie is just no where near as good.

I am SO glad that Smack My Bitch Up didn't start when Mario started the killing spree.

It was average

I gave it an 8 for graphics simply because it looke just like a Mario game. Decent flash.

It has elements of slight humor...nothing more. Also the DBZ reference needs to go. Good try.


mario Z....Not bad at all! Maybe add some more music to it, other than the flashback part. nice job.

"Nothing to new or interesting" Is the right words for this one...

Not bad, but then again i like most video game parodies =)


with the whole guess i have to kill you all thing then he blew them all up or whatever that was anyways abit cheezie could have been better

not to bad i would be nice if u made it longer tho but pretty damn good

Short n sweet with good sprite work not much else 2 say

Another Dutchie who makes sprite movies, just like me ? Good , i like em ! Ur mario movies are awesome man ! When he became Super saiyan it was funny and cool ! Keep up the good work !

wow.. really great , i immensly enjoyed the movie , woopydo

Nothing special. It's been done.

LOL!! DUDE THAT WAS DEMENTED!! BUT FUNNY!, mario reminded me of a super saiyan, or DBZ type style fighting, i can so picture mario saying "IAM THE PRINCE OF ALL PLUMBERS ONCE AGAIN!!" LMAO!!, he sure proved that line eh? ;), i really wouldnt call this a short movie..i mean..ive seen shorter..this movie is about the average length of alot of movies on here..so its really not that short..but whatever..anyways, make some more mario movies, put some DBZ style fighting into them too, like, mario and bowser flying in the air pulling martial arts on each other DBZ style, shooting wave blasts at each other from their hands too, and mostly moving around each other, countering almost every move and blocking almost every move, flying in the air at once, and fading, appearing trying to attack, and so on , you get the idea =D, well peace out!

I thought is was kinda of stupid, but the flash work was done well.

Summary says it all. Good work.

this was good. excellent work in making this. anothe one like it would be cool

Iv seen alot of DBZ mario spoofs but this one was actualy funny, although short it made a good point....koopas suck.

Nice parody to DBZ using Mario although it's been used a billion times this one was actually cool. Can you make a VS movie using the same type of fight style that would be awesome!

the plot sucks shit

Very good, very funny. I think everyone can agree.

lol that was pretty enjoyable. great job!


I liked the idea :-)
I liked the plot,

I didnt like the sound though, it got a bit annoying, maybe switch to voices or a diffrent sound?
Also its hard to read your font, just a jeads up :-)

this movie is cool and funny but the sound when they say something is kind of anoying but averything hels was O.K

Well, Luigi is literally reduced to a pissant in this, and completely rubbed out of the picture. This makes Mario's need to smash every Koopa he comes across make quite a bit of sense. I loved his reaction when the blue-shell koopa troopa told him to check with his brothers. Nice comic touch in introducing the flashback, by the way. It would be nice if you had it actually end instead of the massive explosions hurtling troopas into the air continuing on and on and on relentlessly until the viewer finally gives up and closes the window. Overall, it was some good work in the area of sprite manipulation.

good storyline, i liked the storyline more than anything. I thought this was going to be a drawned mario movie... not a dumb sprite one. But other than that it had a cool plot.

simple.. yet satisfying.

that was great, i have NO idea how you make those sprite things, whatever they're called... it was funnier than a lot of these as well... well done

this is what newgrounds is all about. i also like the sprite movies so thats gives this a plus

So when's that game coming?

yay to the dutch

you should make alot more of these on newgrounds. I love your work man

first of all learn to spell, its guess not gues, the graphics arn't yours so you got a 0 on that, but otherwise the animation was good and im wondering how you made the swirl at the flash back

Wow that was cool!

Hey good movie, I liked how he powered up at the end and killed people. or turtles however you want to look at it.

lol i like ur work paul especially the stories u cum up wit lol haahaa...ill be waitn for the
next 1!

another great spoof by paul.. hope to see more man:)

Haven't seen any of your work since Mario's Bad Hair Day. A great piece of work here, especially the SS Mario

Interesting Mario 'Spoof'. He swore a lot, killed some koopa's with new found powers, and had a typo-lific time.
Nothing too new or interesting.
5 outta 10.

Very cute.

Those graphics were fucking great. The part where Mario got into a flame was just.... WOW.

Awesome movie.
Still A little blurry though
(would making separate 'images' of Mario better the quality?)
Your mario parodies are the best on NG!
And you don't see much DBZ-moves by Mario.

funny and good however make screen size abit bigger and slow down on some text in some places.

Damn that was funny, the only problem was the close ups of mario but hey its a sprite so hes gonna be all pixelated. The deserved all of my 5 :D.

Do you consider making another one like this?

It's not a masterpiece, but I like it. The plot is not very good, but who does disturb this? ;p


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