Courtney Love Dressup

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I thought this would be funny. Nothing against Courtney Love, but, it was just too good to pass up.
Yes. I know the black pants have a problem. Blame konsole for that one. He didn't fix it right.



^^Good Points^^
I thought the constant Nirvana references were a funny addition, and the shirts were pretty funny because of that. Picture quality was pretty high, except for...down there, and the music was a nice fitting tune.

^^Needs Improving^^
One of the items, a black mini skirt doesn't move when you click it. I also have no idea why you edited her underwear region, it just looks kind of nasty the way you did it. Also, the drawings weren't that good.

I Love

I LOVE Coutney Love, and it was a nice touch to have Hole playing in the background, good job.


I F***ing hate courtney love. Kurt Cobain was my friend.

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((( HEH )))

Well notbad, i like that you had some music, and it seemed to have a decent amount of items, not exactly my style of dress-up but it was fun...



i'm sorry, was there a useful point? i missed it.

this game appears to be a result of a marriage between intense, severe stupidity, and an unappreciation of art. i really didn't think you could find a way to make courtney love actually UGLY, but, well, good job, i guess. you're just lucky that there wasn't a "Lame" rating under the "Style" drop-box. don't ever touch flash again.

druidess23 responds:

I didn't make her ugly. she just came that way. That was her actual head. I just put her head on another body. & if you were so offended you could have put it in such a manner that didn't make me think you had absolutely no sense of humor & zero integrity.

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1.68 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2003
12:15 AM EDT
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