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right, before you think 'this must be crap, it's only a tiny file', and click zero, actually try it out. i haven't added any sound yet, but i wanted to know what people thought of this. it's heavily actionscripted, so make sure you have the flash 6 plugin, otherwise it'll just break. it's also 1 or 2 player. leave some feedback with future ideas if you like...


That was so cool

It was a really cool game. Nice work

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Not too bad

I like it, you get some bonus points for originality.

Some ideas. Put some obstacles into the level(s) walls and such you can hide/duck behind. More power-ups, and negative power-ups (power-downs?) Possibly make the power-ups(power-downs) mobile having them bounce around the arena. And/or have the negative power-ups chase the players around.

good game

This game real good

Great just a few minor errors

This is a great game just a few minor errors. 1) Add some more characters: different shapes or colors 2)Add some levels: take some of these new characters (assuming you made them) and put them into levels And finally 3) Add some more power up i.e. super shots,absorb oppenents shots for health. Add these things and the game is perfect.

fakeasanything responds:

thanks for the feedback. i appreciate your ideas, and will take them on board; some may get implemented. keep your eyes peeled for an update in the future!

Hey, this is cool..

Just put the sound in and a tougher A.I, and this'll be great! Please make it MUSIC...Streaming music..

fakeasanything responds:

thanks for trying it out, rather than all these other fools who thought it would be an easy blam point. if only they knew the work involved in making something like this work eh?

and yeah i will get round to adding sound soon. keep your eyes peeled.

as for the a.i, it used to be harder but i made it easier, i am thinking about ways to have increased difficulties as you progress...

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2.50 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2003
5:46 PM EDT
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