(old vers)Dead Rain 3

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Here is part 3. Again make sure you watch parts 1 & 2 before viewing this one.
WARNING: !This movie is Graphic Intensive, and will run slow on Crappy Machines.!

let me know what you think.



that has to be the most well animated flash on NG the blood and guts were perfectly done, there was tons of sound at one time and action was at no loss, if there is any flaw it is the loops, when they stop for a second before they go again and when songs just stop on a dime to switch to another, but theres no way that makes this a bad flash, if i wasnt such a pussy, i'd put this as my favorite flash, zombies scare me hardcore man!.

Reminded me quite a bit of Resident Evil...

Very good job. The movie was something different, had excellent graphical and sound quality. The only problem I noticed was that the zombies seemed to have a habit of saying "flesh". Otherwise, excellent job man, excellent job.


dude that was so kool plz don stop makin them dude for the next episode i got some kool ideas instad of havin the guy kill himself you should have these rad swat team guys bust you know like a buncha dudes in black suits with like gas masks and heavy machine guns that would ROCK so don't stop makin them

Groovy Gore!

Great job man, i have seen all the episodes so far and wow a series i can get into, i like how you pay attention to details that probs would not cross any other creaters minds out there, the in mouth persepective of the zombie eating the woman, i thought that was a very nice touch. I am looking forward to the next parts, keep em' coming.!

SickDeathFiend responds:

WOMAN!? that was a guy..
And I might not keep them coming with these crappy scores. Noone seems to like DeadRain that much. Only Comedy Cartoons.


Well I really have to commend you on your flash. I think this is probably the first flash that i've ever seen that really made me feel a little disturbed. I read a review that said you traced pictures from Rotten.Com. Question though...how could you spend hours tracing a picture of a dead person! I'm pretty sure you're desensitized by it already. I'm guessing the reason why your zombies/internal organs look so real in this flash is because of countless hours looking at dead people and tracing them. Good work, but the running really did need work though. =P

SickDeathFiend responds:

The dead people pics i traced were only for the intro, so it wasnt much.
And which running animation? all the running animations?
I know the top down view of him running was choppy because it was rushed more, but the others were not.

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Apr 28, 2003
2:46 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place April 28, 2003