(old vers)Dead Rain 3

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Here is part 3. Again make sure you watch parts 1 & 2 before viewing this one.
WARNING: !This movie is Graphic Intensive, and will run slow on Crappy Machines.!

let me know what you think.


Zombarized Summary.

More fun gut squishing action. Loved the ending.

Dune Crescent. =)


The thing that make these movies so successful is because you use very creative ideas. Like how insted of each bullet hit the zombie bullets hit the wall which was so cool! And when you make guts fly holy shit they look really... gutsy. Plus I like how you make your movies so unique and has so mucy attention to detail that you made most of the movie, just with that guy shooting zombies. Another great thing you did is the note you left it on. It's like, "Oh no he looks screwed I better watch the next episode and sees what happens" that was great too. Nice job, keep up the gruesome-ness!!

Dude! That Was Sick and Fucking Disgusting!

I LOVED IT! all that blood and gore! and the in-the-mouth-shot was FUCKING BRILLIANT! this is definetly going on as one of my fav. submissions!

Good, but you have timing issues

Your hand drawn style is great, your animation is smooth but for the love of god you suck at pacing. The prologue in episode one was like a metric year long, longer than the rest of the episodes I bet. The zombie feast was painfully long, violence and gore aren't a problem but I prefer mine in an action format not an undead cooking show and then in this episode the hero standing around and shooting for twelve hours straight, you can get away with running and shooting but standing in one place and spraying a room is dull.

On a side note is the hero ammunition retarded or are the guns messed up? The machine pistol seemed to have less ammo when he reloaded it and he reloaded his pistol after taking one shot. I'll chalk it up to stress :P


now thats mi knda motive "always keep a spear" not that he said it but the moovie was prety self explanitory. One question tho after killing like 20 zombies and looking at the whole room wouldnt he notice the dead blond girl? other wise it was sweet so i give it a 10 out of 10. i wont be able 2 write a review for the 4th one cuz i uzed that 1 up.

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4.09 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2003
2:46 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place April 28, 2003