Dandy & Pied: Pilot

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Like most people who submit the first time to Newgrounds. This was a class project that I felt like posting - finally with a working preloader. Looking back, I'm very fond of this project, and plan to someday remake it. Until then, enjoy the crudeness of it!

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Well ok i kinda like this one, but then again it is almost the only one well thats nice way of starting out but by the time you do have 14 episodes it would seem that your art and skills would have goten worse by the time a viewer views all episodes hehe, and somthing strange when poking the bee it seemed like they were tyoning on a kewyboard or somthing, ohwell it was funny...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Episode 14 the start of it all...



Funny stuff. Make more please. In response to Alloy, if u saw the episode, u will get the pollen joke. I saw it as the same kind of irony that superman goes thru with kryptonite.funny if u think about it

Wouldn't load (just like your other one)

I don't know what the hell it is with your movies but they just won't load. Have you done somthing wrong with them? I haven't voted on your movies cos that wouldn't be fair since I haven't actually seen them but I'm writing this review so that you know something's up.
Oh and one more thing, in response to your response to fLyLnGwHiTeGuY's review(!) how the hell can bees be allergic to pollen? Idiot.


heh. Very creative.

I thought it was hilarious. That's my kind of humor. The graphics were ok, but the humor made up for it. Overall it was funny, creative (were did you think of it?!?), and entertaining.

Keep up the good work.

rockymike responds:

Dandy and Pied are based off an 8-bit video game i made for computer science class in high school. The bee idea came when i asked the question "I wonder if bees are allergic to pollen?"

Very Microsoft Paint....but cool

Funny Movie actually...i was expecting worse...good context...humorous...pointed sticks...twitching bee's...and not a doctor in sight...thats a movie

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2.56 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2003
10:45 PM EDT
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