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Bryon vs Zero

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Just a test of something ive added in this movie that I havent added before(if youve seen my other movies when you see this youll know what it is)And I know its really fast(didnt want it to be choppy)BTW this is a test.Also the music is longer than the movie.So after its over you can listen to it.

Sprites obtained from:www.fireball20xl.com

Okay now after the movies over it loops and it sounds horrible.

Update:Movie is longer!Also changed Byron to Bryon,thanks nateluke for the grammer check!

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dude, i doubt u got a review for this in a fuck of a long time......
but i just saw it and thought that i maybe was gonna make an icon for this
ur sprites arent properly cut, some white stuff around them, if i were u id get fireworks or photoshop or soomething...

Not all THAT great

I've seen a LOT of sprite flashes, and this one doesn't quite cut it. It was too short and made little sense. It wasn't bad, it just needed more polishing before being put out there.


Hey you bum this was my idea i had a byron vs zero movie and i dont know how this crap servived mines was better but ours is longer .mans thats just plain bull shit.

AgentKirbyPuff responds:

Wow!If my movie is so crappy,then why did mine make it through and yours didnt if it was better?Guess it wasnt better then?Maybe you could FREAKIN TRY AGAIN AND NOT FLAME A MOVIE BECAUSE YOURS DIDNT MAKE IT OR YOU DIDNT DO IT FIRST!

Good job

hey, its me, the creater of "Xtreme Zero", thanks for the review and vote u gave me. can u please reply to this and tell me who 'Bryon' is. is he your own sprite u made with some stances of Bass?

AgentKirbyPuff responds:

Hey I remember you now!Well Byron is not mine.Its Psyguy's from www.psyguy.com.Once I get my flash program back ill make a three.Thanks!

You review my movie, I review your movie!

This really wasn't bad! What you should do is remove the "noise" at the characters, and add some more effetcts... could use some sound effects too... but, really, it IS good!

AgentKirbyPuff responds:

Thank you for reviewing my movie!Good luck on Dirty Power part 2!I really want to see it!

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2003
10:01 PM EDT