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StrawberryClock is always inventing the most hilarious jokes. Take a look at his most recent one.

By the way, if you don't get the joke, then you are a dumbass who doesn't know shit about politics or current events.

Make sure you check out my other submissions!!! Movies like All Your Whazzup, Blam!teroids, Wonderful World of Disney, The Ren and Stimpy Show, StrawberryClock Goes Poop, O, and On that day... A Tribute just to name a few are all excellent movies.


This is why the ClockCrew is the greatest!!

StrawberryClock is the king of the portal! Nobody else could have made that joke funny! Go StrawberryClock. BTW, Clock Day is approaching!

it was so stupid...it was funny

that was the stupidest joke i've ever heard basicly but the laugh at the end got me. I give it a 4 cause clock crew is cool...

Comedy is not for Strawberries.

This again proves my theory. How could you possibly blam Prowlies when you throw stuff like this out in newgrounds?? I get the joke but..it's not funny. It's childish and I would expect more from you. You lack skill and just because I don't submit flashes or games doesn't mean I can't.. I just worry about people like you who blam it with your ideas that you can make better. You called Prowlies Cartoonish?? Give me a break.


Yeah some people just aint that smart to get jokes, but that doesnt mean you gotta take your stupidity on the clock people. I still rate them fairly

I rated the humor 5 cause,

I don't get it. =.

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Apr 27, 2003
8:36 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody