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(old vers)Dead Rain 1

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Author Comments

This is part 1.Make sure to watch the other parts! This is my first animation ect so its alittle rough around the edges but it gets better.
Let me know what you think.

This Contains The PROLOGUE (AND) The MOVIE, So dont forget to watch the Movie if you look at the prologue!


Eh, right...

Uhm... well... First of all, what bothered me most was the grammar and the spelling. That really, really annoyed me. There were just so many mistakes it more or less ruined some of the scenes. And the expression " Piece of Piss " is incorrect. It's supposed to be piece of shit, sorry to say so. The prologue was simply too long, and it seemed too easy, that he just stumbled into a guy that had stolen a military virus. You simply don't make that kind of trades on the street. And the zombie they ran into in the building... Well, I thought the rain was supposed to make them zombies? Why did this fellar lie inside then?
Sorry, I'm just kind of a grammar and spelling freak, and if things aren't done right, it just galls me. The characters were quite well done though. Their movements were stiff, but since it's your first flash, it's not so bad.

SickDeathFiend responds:

I agree, rushing the prologue made it suck. I cant wait to remake parts 1-3.
Piece of piss, its funny, and I've heard it in a brit movie before, called dog soldiers i beleive.
Much of the plot hasnt been revealed yet, it wasnt really a 'trade' thats jsut what Riggs thinks at first. its much much deeper.
lets jsut say the colony planet was a big test.
rain will make you a zombie yes, also being bitten will to.Is it so hard to imagine a zombie walking inside to grab someone anyway?
The animation is very stiff, but it was my first as you realise, thanks for the comments.

I thought it was good

You know it was alot like dawn of the dead n stuff but I liked it, good job!

dawn of the dead meets shadowrun!

wow this is great! a zombie movie with a sci-fi theme! pretty cool anime style characters

Not bad

Not bad but you could stand to put some voices in. But then again this is the first of your series.. lots of room to improve.
Interesting choice in clothing and weaponary..

Very Proffesional

Dude that wuz the biggest and most developed plot/story i have ever seen in a flash. Nice woprk with the sound goes well with the movie. But some of the "conversations" were horrible like a 9 year old made them but thats the only complaint i got. very nice movie

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4.09 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2003
4:10 PM EDT