Cyborg breed the teaser!

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I've seen this movie stolen by several ppl but this is OURS FROM PEEPWORKS.COM

"Cyobreed - The story

The story of Cyobreed is set in a dark future in which the world is dominated by a few powerful corporations. One of the most important companies is Norcyne Corporation.

The CEO of Norcyne Corp., Malcolm Derek, is a ruthless business man with no scruples to eradicate any opposition in his way. His right hand Randolph Velasquez takes care of such issues. Velasquez is the head of security at Norcyne Corp. and a military cyborg who can transform into a deadly menace at any time. He is in command of the
A.T.S. (Armored Tactical Squad). These combat robots are heavily armed and pose
a deadly threat to any intruder.

Norcyne Corp. specializes in bio-tech and has just completed its latest product. This living bio-mechanical weapon is called "Zero" and has been created through bio-engineering. It is supposed to be the next big step in future warfare.

The teaser and beyond
Zero is transported to the huge Norcyne tower complex with a company dropship for further testing. His container is transferred to storage facility 05 with a cargo lift. Bio-engineer Michelle Deveraux arrives to inspect the container. She opens the container and is shocked to see Zero inside. Michelle once was part of the team who created Zero without knowing anything about his purpose as a weapon. She feels guilty about this crime against humanity and decides to free Zero from his prison. Together they try to escape from the Norcyne facility. Zero has to fight his way through the countless enemy robots and seek for a way out of this nightmare.

The adventure begins..."



yeah, that was really pretty and all but....it lacked originality, and what's with that loooong boring author's comment? you're trying to make something that looks and smells kick ass but then you look like an eleven yea old dbz/pokemon/yugioh/daft punk wanna be hipster with that corny sci fi story, then shoving a whole bunch of flashy 3-d props in my face like i'm watching an episode of reboot. stick to what you know. all in all however, the production looked fabulouse, all i can really put you down for is the fact that you gotta higher a writer. lol, sorry if this weak plot happens to be your life's work or something.

Steve-castro responds:

I don't fucking understand
if you
C:\My Documents\demo[1]

WOW! (not sarcastically this time)

i'm in shock. looks like the best thing i've ever seen on NG. or anywhere for that matter.

Steve-castro responds:

what r u talkin' about

this shit again?

why? WHY GOD WHY???????

Steve-castro responds:

what shit

Very impressive

Wow, the graphics on this puppy were amazing! This must have taken you quite some damn time to make, it deserves a vote of 5! I really hope I see more of this awesome work.

Steve-castro responds:

Well all I did was get the music and design the buildings on paper we actually drew that black guy from the matrix and then an evil version of gigalo joe from A.i

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3.22 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2003
3:10 AM EDT
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