The Secret Speech

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This is very sensitive material and is COMPLETELY FABRICATED! It will offend people who have no sense of humor, and who may or may not be completely stupid.

Flaming encouraged.

Props to Chris Morris for the excellent audio. *NOTE: The audio is made from ACTUAL BUSH'S STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH. And it does NOT belong to Camp Chaos, NOR Ebaumsworld! Chris Morris of WarpRecords.com made it. Check the link for the audio! Please do a little research before you accuse me of "stealing" please. Yes, I've seen the real video version, I loved it. What's wrong with a cartoon one?




I loved how you randomly inserted a broken pikachu toy in there. xD The audience was awsome and the way you made it sound a lot like George Bush was FANTASTIC, (although, he sounded boring, but sometimes Bush talks like that, so I won't take points off of you for that one.).

I don't hate George Bush (politics, what's new about it?) and I don't really entirely blame him for American some peoples raping peoples or kids, but that was funny.

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good good very good

i sign up on newgrounds just to vote for that shit men i luv the gangsta rap serie but that thing his so fucking funny keep the good work

True true!

Damn that was Hilarious! Good Job!

Very nice, right on target...lol...

This is not to be seen by any one who can count the presence of more than 1 american flag in their house, for their paitriotism will cripple their ability to enjoy a humorous piece. Its very very VERY funny, if you keep in mind, ITS MAKING FUN OF THE PRESIDENT, NOT REENACTING HIS WAY OF BEING. Although some things were delicate, its still very well written. And the voice, right on target. Keep it up.


I have a great sense of humor and i laugh at a lot of things but that was just downright depressing.................... (that's exactly how it was when i finished watching this ...........................................................

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4.23 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2003
12:09 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature April 27, 2003

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