dizimz tutorial # 1

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I assume you know basic action script
and Flash basics
this will teach you the basic hit test codes the tell target codes and movement with key controls
i hope this helps some body with there flash projects!!!!!!


can i have txt?

plase can u paste it as copyable text?

i love the game. it is better than the last one .

hi do you no who i am??????????????????????????????????????

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Dizimz responds:

ok (JAMIS) im pissed very very pissed
you know why dont you


Alot better!It doesnt cut off at the 2nd level now!And I like the graphics and the way you typed his name at the beginning of the battle!(Just like Sonic Adventure 2!)Youre doing a good job on this!Im not forcing you or anything so just have fun with this.Also you should include one level in the Hero story.But still im not forcing you.Just have fun with it and youll do better im positive!

Dizimz responds:

thanks , well i am thinkin of remaking the levels and enemies it shouldn't take that long because the programing is done also im sure you notice the voice of crow is fake sounding
well thats just what i sound like with a sore throught
anyways remaking it shouldint take to long i am also thinking of adding a score bare and allowing you to pull off stunts on it
just to make it cooler anyways i am currently working on heros story

Bah... Not as good as it could have been

Well it was ok, but the gameplay was fairly so-so and reoccuring. If you want to improve, give us variety in the gameplay and make the instructions simpler. Good effort all the same.


Well, where to begin. For one, it wasn't smooth gameplay by any means. Thought it was the quality, so even put it on 0 and it was the same. Wasn't quality, it was just the game itself not made correctly to support smooth, fluid gameplay. For two, the game play in general wasn't appealing. Didn't draw me to play it. Was difficult to hit anything, you don't even know if you're hitting the thing, and if you try to do something quickly you start moonwalking, facing in one direction, and walking in the other. The only thing good about this was the audio!

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3.17 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2003
12:05 PM EDT
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