Mario - Back to the 70's.

April 25, 2003 –
April 20, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Come on, I think this is a great cartoon even if it is not your best work so it should not be deleted. It helps that the song being used is one of my favorites, and my brother was a huge fan of disco. I love the little sounds Mario makes when he flips his head up and down. All of the other effects in this, no matter how little, really contribute to it as well. Of course, the ending was great as the sound effects were actually used well. I can just watch those little Marios shake their hands up and down all day.

I loved it :D I like Big Buts and i cannot lie

i like your work its always at a high standard to me and this is no exception very nice moves there GD job XD.thats all i have to say and nice work on ur daft punk collab u make him move sooooo GDGD.

work on the sound like with the mario noises it takes away from the song and good with luigi in the end

Very nice custom made sprites you have done and as for the end well...LMAO

REAAAAAAAAAAAAALYNICEEEEEEEEE { i am high } the reason i gave violence a 2 was lugie kills the lil guys

Love the sprites, Paul ter. Each one is da bomb, wired though. They're all so good, I can't tell wich one is the best. LOLOL. But I really like the one where Mario is looking at different directions while his arms point the other way. But they're all cool.

BTW, at the credits, the ending song is not called "I like big butts". It's actually called "Baby got Back" by Sir Mix Alot.

This is great. Finally someone made something with mario and 70's references. The 'surprise ending' was actually surprising. W00T! This was great!!!!

That was cool. I knew you didn't steal those sprites from Randy, 'cause they are different. But very nice, and my favorite song-- Stayin' Alive!!!

It was a lottle too long and I was about to clse the window just wen Luigi showed his butt. Creepy ending.

it's been done but at least you made yours diffrent. some of marios moves i havent seen before and havin luigi come in was nice. oh and fyi the song is not i like big butts it's "Baby got Back" by McHammer (i think) (and if that has been said in a previous review i apologise but i didn't read em)

I had a feeling u were going to use that song.

ITS A RIP OFF OF MACK DADDY MARIO! Other than that, its a good flash movie. But what was with luigi at the end 0_0

And don't get me wrong, I thought it was a pretty good flash film. :D

that was funny great musc

lolz nake some more but use different spirites. if u dunno where 2 find them go 2 the shyguy kingdom


lol esey

Moral:Mario is a lame dancer


A nice flash. It got a little tiresome near the end, though. Still, nice work!

you are sooooooooo goooooooooood at makin flashes!please help me wit my own flashes?!

HA HA HA the beging was kind of long don't u think....? But I loved The ending! 5 And a 10. Good job!

Hahaha you are so good at sprites, i love your work its all awsome! Keep it up!

Um... dat was nogal stom
Muziek zuigt cker dus ...
Man ... doe dit niet dit soort mario's meer

That was the dumbest SHIT I have ever seen screw you.

that sucked i have seen and made some pretty bad things in my life... but try to add a lil more spark to it...

Man that almost put me to sleep. There are a lot better MDM movies on Newgrounds. On the plus side, I did see some new moves that weren't in Randy's MDM movies.

ilike big butts

I loved it! It was alot like the mack daddy mario movies, but I didn't care, in my opinion, this is way better than the mack daddy mario movies. I love the surprise ending, I could watch that part alone, over and over!

Nice surprise ending. I was rolling on the floor. Very well done, very amusing. Kepp 'em comin'.


roll on floor laughing trying to stop but cant.when my mom comes in and says stop lauging your scarinng me =PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

oh yeah,thats hilarious man, that is what flash is about.

make more

i never thought id see the day when mario did a dance to the bee gee's until today and i loved it especailly then end when luigi comes out.
top class

2nd on my fav list. good job

If I could give this an 8000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (give or take a few quadrillions) for humor, I would. XD This is drop-dead HILARIOIUS! As usual, I seem to have the best taste in flash (not that kind of flash) as all the things I've seen PWN. This is one of those...that pwn, that is. This takes 5th place on my favorite list. :D

This was awesome. That Last part was VERY funny! I mean I started to crack up. Good Material.
You must like the mario ppl, because almost all of your movies are mario related.

Classic moves, music, and sprites. The end is slightly disturbing, but very funny.

LOVED IT! where was the surprise ending? did anyone else notice you could change the writing in the speech bubble?

cool music
Mario dance rocks!

Nice use of custom sprites. Sound was clear and it was pretty funny to boot.

sorry, Baby got back!

the song is not called i like big buts its called baby got back

This was funny for a minute, with all of Mario's dance animations..but it all got repetative. He kept just doing the same thing over and over and it got annoying, but Luigi was kinda funny at the end.

but in matrix reloaded you made those sprites so i believe that you made these sprites. PS i like big butts too LOL just joking

Baby got back! LOL

hey thats a good movie. Its funny at the end and mario has some nice moves. Good for a not to long movie.

That video is OK. The effects sounds are too high, but it sure is funny to watch Mario dance like that. The ending is also funny, which makes me appreciate this not so long video.

I like mario.

funny ending

I didn't care for that surprise ending

i saw this at VGDC so plz dont lie to me I HATE UNRELIABLE ppl.But Anyhow pretty good in one way

okay, I admit i like this one but I would love to see you try other video game sprites like Sonic the hedgehog. i'm not sure if they even have STAS sprites or not but the game ones they have.

The thing that suckt was that when mario did dance it was mario sounds, so u didnt hear the BeeGees!

Well if you did do the sprites that was cool, they look sharp and clean, well animated aswell, nice funny mario parody back in the 70's, i also like the piped effect, keep up the decent sprite action...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Mario sprite action...


The ending = the 10, funny ending

That was good flash. Ending was funny. Keep it on.

The BeeGees and Sir Mix-a-Lot are finally put to good use ^_^

nice ending...but did you have to show THAT???

but kinda sucked, keep tryin!

what in the hell????????????

Your sprites were quite incredible, i actually thought they were better than randy's. Although it seemed like your timing was a bit off but idk. A little over done with the music but luigi made up for that.

It was really stupid until it got to the end. Then I started laughing my head off. Great job!!

I can't get enough sprites...
I can kinda see where some of those looked like Mack Daddy Mario 1,2,3...
but some very original. and cool
and....that songs from the 70's..but Baby got back is ...90's....ahh well
Super good!
5 mario stars!

That was GREAT!! I won't spoil the ending, but MAN! That was delinitly NOT expected!!! :D

this is hilarious i like the ending the most

......especially at the end.Gotta love your sibs.,huh? LOL My friend & I laughed our ass off,when the music changed from the Bee Gees to Sir Mix-A-Lot.Keep up the good work dude.

And Luigi was good at the end. And baby got back!

That was good! It may have gotten a little boring after half of it, but then Luigi came and... haha!

if i hear "its-a me mario" one more mother fucking time...besides that it was okay i guess lol@ luigi

It's nice to see what Mario does when he's not kicking Koopa ass.. and it was put together nicely. Good work.

Whatever this is. I think Mario better stick with kicking ass in Marioworld or whatever the hell you call it.

yo that was so tight. but it got boring after he was shakin his ass. and the if the "boing" sounds werent there it would be much, much better.


it had every sprite move but it has been done before and it looks like u stole some off randy

It got a bit boring and the IDEA not the sprites was unoriginal.(You did steal a couple from Randy)

i make flashes myself so i know graphics are hard to get a 10 on but that was so damn funny!

Er, you DID steal a few sprites from Randy, but not all. Other than that, this was great!

erg goed moet ik zeggen, maar een beetje zacht geluid...

should have made it a little shorter, it got old after a while. The end was kinda funny though.

Good stuff, and as mentioned before it's obviously not stolen..keep up with the good stuff man.

not bad, i was thinking that luigi was going to dance but anyway great movie!

This was a great movie!!!!
Its pretty funny!
The best i've seen since retarded animal babies, and retarded animal babies 2
lol Ham salad is for lunch lol

Right from the get go I could tell the sprites were home made. Obviously, you didn't "stole" them, as you put in your descriptin (cough*learn english* cough). It was an amazing animation. I wish I was as good at flash as you are.

i can so picture mario going disco like that, disco is like so damn old its great to make fun of, DISCO DOES SUCK! but this is just damn funny, i gave humor a 7 for ya..and the rest of the ratings were..kinda low..sorry, this stuff is unoriginal..but still funny as i said.. =), but atleast i gave you an overall 5 rating..and as for voting ill give you a hmm...2

man, fuck the beegees, fuck disco... fuck all that hippy shit... the 70's still sucks.

--- mario = cool, 70's = suxorz ---

Nice animating of mario, but what i liked most was the ending...LMAO!!

it was well made and you do credit the mack daddy mario animations. Nicely drawn sprites there, very imaginative. Keep up the high quality work.

It wasn't bad, just way too long till the end.
Also, sound effects got a bit annoying.

You did a great job man, kudos for keeping my idea alive :)

Decent. You put a lot of time into drawing the sprites, so that was excellent work...but the song and dancing seemed to go on forever.


Cool man, Seems mighty familiar, though

I think this is the best dancing Mario parody anyone on this site has made so far. Mario danced along to 70's music and danced like how they used to in the 70's. Watching Mario doing this was funny. But, I do agree with what Gotenkusu said, I noticed the Marios in the back ground could have done other dances, also Luigi could have come in the middle of the movie to start dancing with Mario before he "shows up" in the ending. Eventhought what luigi did surprised me! Good job!

Only god knows why this got into the daily top 5 and Choccy Whitehead didnt.

I call for a recount.

But the soud effects were a bit too loud. But other than that it was amuzing.

It has a good concept. But. It could have been better. You could have had the Mario's in the background do some other dance moves besides just that one. And you also could have had Luigi have a bit of a bigger part. Well. There's my praise and my comments.


blam this piece of crap

but now its kinda unoriginal and i DID NOT WANT TO SEE LUIGI'S ITALIAN ASS!

i wish i could get those 5 min or however long it was of my life back

nothing memorable but kudos to the ending

very funny at the start very funny at the end but the middle is just to much too long and too much the same some funny shit though

Zoals ik al zei, niet slecht maar ook niet om te zeggen hilarisch. Goed gedaan

And that is with the sound. The lack of music variety got to me after a while and I couldn't finish watching. Also, The extremely loud Sound FX started hurting my poor ears. I really loved Mario's arm moves a lot though, they were superiorly made!!

awsome work here. Great mario moves, but i think Luigi should have danced a bit or had a dance battle. Just one thing, cut the sound down o the sound effects

I love this but please put the volume up a bit on the music so we can hear better I only got 1 speaker working :(

that was one of the funniest things ive ever seen, bro, keep it comin! snootch to tha nootch!

WTF that was really stupid

holy shit i love it!

It was really good but it wasnt so umm yeah..

I thought it was a lot of fun. I didn't expect Luigi to come in either. Nice job.

Dude That Was Cool The 80's Rocked And So Did This U Get A 5++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ it was amazing now this would coom if u did a MackDaddy Dragon Ball Z That Would Fucking Rule

That... Was... Hmm. Let me put it this way. The only thing good was the music, and I commend you that you were able to make the animation move those ways.. But the sound affects as he moved, and the fact that it was so damn long... That just killed it right there. That and there was no real plot nor point to it. No lead in, no nothing.

the sounds while mario's dancing was a little annoying and a background would be nice too but it was kinda funny i liked it

That was nice but there needs to be a little more orginality. You used the same song that they used for mack daddy mario and the same setup. Also dont tell us what to do "Don't post bad reviews if you don't have movies yourself. That's stupid." That just pisses me off, b/c people that dont have movies dosent mean they dont have taste, just bad flash skills.

You must have worked hard on it :S

It was a little too drawn out and I almost closed it til the review before me said the ending was good. And as far as telling people they can't leave a bad review if they have never made flash...don't you have an opinion on movies you see in the theatre? You may think a movie or a song or a t.v. show is bad even though you don't make them. People are entitled to have an opinion, and not just a favorable one.

i can imagine that took a long time to make, which is a shame cos it wasn't very entertaining. well, not till the very end... i'm sure a lot of people will have closed it by then... the april fools one was much funnier and more interesting

But then Luigi mooned us! HA HA HA!

It was pretty funny. The sprites were done quite well, not quite a 10 yet, but its decent.

it was funny and such... i loved it!!!!!! a 5 for you for making a great parody of good ol' mack daddy mario!!!

i am really but REALLY....................AMAZE!!!!!! damn, you the best at sprite editing!!!seriously, Oh i almost forgot to say....BWAHAHAHAHARHARHARHAR..........cya

nice job with the sprites. Being a fan of Mack Daddy Mario as well, I love seeing Mario showing his moves.

It was alright....not funny but it had a lot of work done to it i can tell.

keep em comin

the had to be one of the stupidest things ive ever seen....i dont know how anyone can find that entertaining???

when luigi interrupts mario and moons you at the end w/the big butts song!
pc bryan
good work bro

I had to give you an 8 because I mean, it was good, funny, and well put together, only it got a little tired after a while. This whole Mario dancing thing is getting pretty old. I liked the ending though.

Toad...now somebody should make a Toad Dancing Movie..

those jumping and other mario sound effects got kind of annoying when played so close together like that, dont get me wrong...i'm a great fan of the 70's and of mario, so put them together and watch the hillarity ensue! still, might wanna cut back on the sound effects just a wee bit.

dont get mad, just a thought :)

Dark Warrior

Even without looking at the comments, I can tell you were inspired by Mack Daddy Mario... and I didn't like these flash cartoons until I started Flash myself. Well done on sprite editing, you deserve a 10, a 5 and a cookie ;)


Lol, steal the sprites from Randy? Hell no, these are better than his! The only thing he has you beat on is the backgrounds and scenes, but those dance moves were awesomely done. The sound effects were an excellent touch as well. You got a five.

I always enjoy watching Mario "Shakin-dat-ass", but you could have done more with this. It needs more divercity, just looking at Mario for THAT long get boring... And then Luigi pulls down his panties ^_^
Also the sound effects were louder then the music. That not a good thing unless you want the music to background music (Which i guess it weren't meant to be)
But overally a good job

the beegees and sr. mix alot.
thats a 10 right threr.
and mario and his disco moves.. oh yeah.
i liek theis....ALOT
good work
you got my [voted 5]

But Randy Solem is gonna hate you for doing it, he DETESTS people ripping off his ideas. Coz he is a biiatch.

But you are a talented mofo. Keep it up

It is so funny. You gotta watch it. The best bit is at the end!

Nice movie... very classy!


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