DBZ,FF1,Star Control mix

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I know this is stupid and pointless. I just got bored and wanted something to do, so I put this thing together. Most of you will recognize factors from dbz and final fantasy, but probably few of you have ever heard of star control. Well anyway, enjoy. Oh, and if you have trouble viewing it, just go here, www.angelfire.com/games2/xdeath5/index.html

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You suck

This is a mockery of Star Control 2, the best game ever. You suck.

An Insult to Star Control Fans Everywhere

You sincerely hurt my feelings with this piece of garbage. NEVER. . . Put this sort of THING. . . On NEWGROUNDS. . . EVER. . . AGAIN. . .

The graphics were remarkably very well ripped from Final Fantasy and Star Control II, but the background ripped from Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 3 is JPEG-blurred and THEN some. Not good, dude.
Secondly, what the Hell does Star Control II have to do with Final Fantasy, or Final Fantasy with Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 3? Or DBZ SB3 with Star Control II?? Explain THAT one to me.
Finally, why the crap was the Thief using a SWORD? Thieves can not use SWORDS in the game, or most other games, really, god damn it. The only game I know of right offhand where a Thief can use a sword would be Rangarok ONLINE. Anyway, seeing as there was absolutely no explaination as to why he might be weilding a long blade, it doesn't make any sense at all.

The style is. . . . . . How shall I put this. . . Non-existant. I'm terribly confused as to what the point of this thing is. I DO know that this thing has absolutely no style, however. I usually only reserve that number for things that are non-existant in whichever movie I'm reviewing, so. . .yeah. ZERO.

The sound quality is superb. But unfortunately, that doesn't matter at all, considering how badly everything is screwed-up. You have the Starship Commander's voice blithering on while the Pkunk theme plays in the background and the Yehat are typing away on their consoles. I mean. . . WHAT? THE? FUCK?!

There was mild violence, considering Thief and Fighter were whacking their swords together endlessly. Yawn.(Does not effect Overall score.)

No interactivity. No problem there.(Does not effect Overall score.)

No HUMOUR. Well, no, I take that back. The screwed screenshot with the gryphon on the player's side of the screen and four Fighters from Final Fantasy III was. . .ALMOST funny. But otherwise, no. Just. . .no.

I'm sorry, but you fail. You fail at the Portal. You fail at life. You are an abysmol excuse for a Flash artist. You should be ashamed of yourself. What would your dear, sweet mother say if she saw this? Or maybe I should be asking, "In the back of her mind, what would she be THINKING?," considering your mom would probably give you a generic "Oh, honey, that's great!" and be on her way. Harr.


Well what kinda score would someone expect from such a trashy movie



it was funny

but in a bad way...Try to make something a little better next time.

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0.79 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2003
7:51 PM EDT
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