Retarded Animal Babies 2

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I made this one especially for Newgrounds viewers like you. And you. But not you. I can already feel the comparisons you're preparing to fling at me like monkey poop! Part one was a lot of fun to make, and definitely a lot to live up to. But I just cut loose and here ya go. More brown splurtings from my computer to yours! Easter eggs aplenty (cheaters use the TAB key!).

UPDATE 4/25/03: Interested in some great Retarded products? Just set up shop at cafepress...shirts, a lunchbox, a mousepad, a mug...even a thong! Support me and my stupid art!


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I've watched this on Newgrounds,
and I hated it.
It rips off Happy Tree Friends.
Blam this piece of ****!

Can't believe he let us slap our claps to his wifem XD

hahah TAKE THAT PICO !! how dare you say this is a rip off its not even close to it!

And back to the start of things

this was pretty entertaining, that voice is so cute, I love all these great and classic characters, this one was a bit shorter then some of the rest but was still funny enough to enjoy and got a few laughs from it so nice job there, anyways keep up the great series.

Nothing to fix here its all great stuff.


It's great to see an early episode! I recognize your drawings of women! Few of them wore shirts. I loved how it rhymed. It went more with that subverted kid's show thing. This was the last one to feature that however.

Crudeness all the way! I especially loved the Pico cameo. It's great to have so much go on. Dang, Bunny is suicidal. Donkey is probably the funniest.