Street skating

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okay my other movie sucked but this one is a lot better!!!

WARNING! when loaded click right mouse button and then play WARNING!when loaded click right mouse button and then play WARNING!



Everything is very slow, blocky and with no music also the flashing making everything so much worse.


this really cool i think you could make it a bit better

Smooth, but a bit messy.

The animation wasn't too bad. The skateboard kept on moving at a decent but slow rate. If you wanted a more complex animation, you could actually make the character swipe his foot off the ground. Maybe the jumps could also be more complex to make the flash even better. If you also used some open source audio, this would be better again. Because it isn't too interesting seeing him jump a car when the car produces no sound. The white flashes were pretty useless too. But other than that, nice job, and great potential. The figures were pretty neat too.

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infinate loop

The screen blinks, the guy moves too slow, there is no sound, and it was boring.

What the???

It's a guy skateboarding. That's it. The animation and drawing for he guy is alright, but the background is plain and there is no sound, plot, play button etc. If you want a flash to be good you need to work harder on it. Try adding some humor by making skateboarding wipeouts. Have this character ddo more things on the skateboard, and add a plot, like him being in a contest or something. By the way, what is with all the flashing? That really pisses me and I'm sure a lot of other people off.

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2.43 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2003
2:26 PM EDT