License to die 2-Mistakes

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License to die 2: Matrix Style-Mistakes.


a lesson in Ebonics

rap is the Ebonics way to say crap. like good becomes goo and food = foo and what you talkin about willis still the meaning is yet to be discovered. see its all thanks to Ebonics.


Im saying it sucked, but putting it in a nice way

Well the choice of music (rap) isn't exactly my taste, but I gave you credit 'cause it fit in with the theme. Almost 5 megs to upload? That's a little much don't you think? Graphics...ehh they were all stick figures, but you got credit for animating it so well. Very violent, but in a cool way. Not much humor, not expected for that kind of video. Good work, keep it up.


i can only say one thing to you. your whole time as a flash maker is a mistake!

i can see that you dont have any interest in flash.

a man, like myself loves flash.im working on my movie, and i KNOW that my movie will get better, even if people dont like it.


Shrapnel said it all

shitty tweening + non compressed mp3 = stupid worthless movie

Not worth watching at all.

A horrible portal entry. Poor graphics, no plot, poor sound.

Save your time and move on.

The filesize is large because the sound isn't compressed.

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2.45 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2003
1:13 PM EDT