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escape high school

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choose your own adventure in a fun game of escape high school, please write me reviews to tell me what i did wriong and what i did right to get peoples attention.

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Can't believe I'm able to sit here and play this masterpiece of a game! Everybody in 2000 went real quiet after this. (Maybe because it's the last game of 2000, idk)

Seriously... this game's straight garbanzo beans, ngl. Poorly drawn graphics, poorly done sounds, poorly written English, possibly even poor people, and it's no wonder why this has such a low rating.

Thing is, this game clearly could've had some potential and you really could've gotten creative and polished with it, if only you tried. I can honestly play adventure games if I'm really in the mood to click on stuff for a while, but this one didn't quite hit the spot, and kinda took me out of the mood.

I'm not gonna restate everything everybody said in the other reviews for the sake of saving time, characters, and face. Just know, there are many ways you could've improved this! Page 12 (Poeticman7) has a pretty good review.

Anyway, to conclude in proper oldschool NG fashion, I'll give this Flash 6 separate ratings for each of its main points.

Graphics: 1 (at least there were graphics)
Sound: 2 (i had to mute this bc i really don't want to hear intermittent sfx at night)
Interactivity: 3 (i can't really give a fair rating here, it's a point and click game ffs)
Style: 0 (no.)
Violence: 0 (this isn't meant to be a violent game, what can i say)
Humor: 1 (i had a good chuckle at the talking bits)

Yep. That's all I can think. Just yep. That happened. 1 star. I highly doubt this was good for late 2000, certainly not for early 2021, and nowhere inbetween.

Wait a minute... the school is called "Gay E.M.S High School."
Alright, looks like I'll be giving 5 stars now, cya

Pfft, I remember when the game randomly stopped after you asked if you could move to the back of the class.

This is bad but the voice acting made me laugh, and the fact that the principal kills you just for hanging up on him.

Very similar to "Escape School" from Baflash, did you steal the idea?

Either way pretty much just a worse version of that game with nearly the same choices, and reasons for dying.

And with that I have reviewed all the games on Newgrounds from the year 2000. This was a shitty note to end the first year on.

To redo your last stroke:

1. right click
2. click Back

Now you are done!

Credits & Info

2.23 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2000
5:04 PM EST