License to Die 2: Matrix

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One of my best!

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Hey its ok

Somtimes people who have never used flash befor expects everybody elses work to be perfect but I understand how hard flash is to use all i didint like was the music next time put on somthing a little more appropriate and put a story in or a plot in the movie and make some sound effects and speeches, overall the animating was fantastic. Good Work
ps put on appropriate background music.


Very, very bad! there is no possible way in hell this movie should have anything highr than a .0000000000000000000000000000001 and thats a bit far if you ask me. What, you dident ask, oh well, I Dont care because this is pure shit...LOL OMG. On a positive note at least you treid, next time try alot harder.


you suck

if this is one of your best i don't even what to see the others.

Even tho this IS your best,

It still completely sucks, like all your flashes. You are the worst flash author on NGs. My cat could walk across a keyboard pooping and the shit hitting keys would make better flashes.

You must have a group of your equally brain-dead friends voting 5's to ensure these don't get BLAM'd instantly (as they certainly deserve to be). The filesizes are huge, and it saddens me to think of all the space on NGs being wasted by this refuse, that could be used by any number of author with a smidgin of talent, which you lack.

Despite the misleading scores, your reviews speak the truth (no matter how self-deluded you've become you know that).

I doubt you'll listen, but please stop submitting this crap, or at least stop cheating and let them get BLAM'd like they deserve. If your not cheating (which is likely, that would require more intellect than you seem to have), the idiot voters don't even watch your movies (who'd wait for a 5 meg POS to load?) they just see the huge filesize and vote high. Try making a flash without stickign a 5 meg mp3 in it and watch it get BLAM'd instantly.

Well, I'm gonna try and not waste anymore time on this shit.

JoshLackman responds:

Hey man, you must hav no life at all, i meen, really, do u really have nothing better to do than write this 1000 word review, what a loner. go out, see anger management, its good.


to the author - never attempt to make a movie ever again. still hard to believe you even submitted this crap

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Apr 18, 2003
3:45 AM EDT