Resident Evil 2.9

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My first Flash movie. This movie is a parody of the intro from Resident Evil 3, with all the zombies, cops, and Umbrella commandos. Sorry Jill fans, no Miss Valentine in this movie(or Nemesis).

Toonist's comments:
WOW! Thats freakin' amazing! I didn't expect this movie to do that good!
Thanks for all your support!

Man, with all the postive comments I'm getting, I'll definetly work on another movie. I'll also work on my art a little bit so it doesn't look so... craptastic.

BTW, something I sort of forgot, music credits:
-'Bad Boys' by Inner Circle
-'Mellow Yellow' by Donovan
-'Beavis and Butthead theme' by... some person...
And if you listen really carefully, you can hear the Nemesis' theme throughout the movie. So in a way, he's kind of in the movie, but not ........................
I'm gonna shut up now.

Thanks again to all of you who liked my movie!


Residents Evil

Man this the funniest resident evil paradogy I have ever seen man the bad boys part was fucking funny, man and hole zombies keep eating them AHhahahhha, keep it up man.

Whooo, RE Returns in Style

YEAH! This one was right on target. Simple animation and fast paced humour, reminds me of those spontaneous Family Guy jokes (like Peter getting drunk and passing out, but instead you've got zombies mauling these funny guys... "look over there!"... roawr! hahahaha. Very nice array of jokes, this thing has humour scrawled all over it with wax crayon.

Funny, in a subtle way.

This is a hilarious movie. The graphics are sub-par and poorly animated, but that just adds to the comedic part of it because of the zombies attack. The sound is the best part of the movie. Even though the voices aren't that good and they all seem to be the same person, the muffled, rushed, ill-recorded sound of it only adds to how funny this movie is. Especially when the zombies attack and they make the little rah sound.

This -owns-! XD

Dude, this -rocks- so much, This is truely one of the greatest RE flashes of all time. Keep up the good work, Man!


Graphics were crap but the humour is GOLD! Keep it up!

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4.09 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2003
8:53 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 4th Place April 17, 2003