Pico's Hair Piece Part3

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This one was started about a year ago. I'm obviously not apart of flashstyle.org no more. I have a site of my own now. And this is the sequel to part 2. Pico comes back from the dead... dun dun dun...



What do You have Against Pico?!

Part 4?

when is part four coming out? i cant wait to see it. hopefully its better than the rest of the series.

the future is awesome... lol.

even though it was slightly confusing in the first half... and kind of lame, it got way better! haha.
but one thing i reeally didnt get, was that 'you' kill him... and then at the end you're like, teachin him, and like... NOT killing him. wtf?! haha.
the graphics were nice, the animation was alright, and the voice acting was very good.
i like teh random events! haha.


That was great, much better than part 2, good graphics and some random start wras references, good voices and sound, keep it up.

YoinK responds:

lol, i thought it sucked.

why are you continuing this?

I must say this still Isn't as good as the first Pico but it is definately better than the second.
First off the presentation was a lot better the way this started off inside the TV as a news report was pretty effective and so was the way you used turning and zooming in and out of things and also the speed outlines of the main person as he skated along.
Sounds and graphcis were pretty good I especially liked the change in music at different scenes which really created a good contrast in the different moods but you need to imporve the movement of characters because they seemed somewhat stiff.
Up to this point it was good but storyline wise it wasn't; the whole thing was kind of stupid and random and half of it was just focusing on the boy skating which wasn' very exciting to be honest.
But finally what is that you are continuing this series. You started this off called Pico's hair piece and yet are continuing it in the same name even though it has no relevance to the first whatsoever. The first was about pico's hairpiece and the other 2 weren't. It started there and ended thereand can't be continued.

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YoinK responds:

yea.. it started off good and then went to the shits.

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3.53 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2003
9:58 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody