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I made this in tribute who is not a member of Fireball20xl, who cannot see the Audio Comics. So I made this out of complete bordom. I actually did put effort into it, but if you want to blam it, im not going to stop you(becuase i cant. I cant reach through your computer.)



The next one better be funny lololololololololololMegaMan pepepeofepfopeofpefedfedfedf

Not bad, but could use...

Ok, some of that was kind of funny. Realizing that you did put "#1" as in first installment, I cut a little slack when voting. My suggestion would be:
1. Spedn a bit more time, carefully construct it. Don't just throw the piece together.
2. Consider a script, because I'm sure like many you may be able to think funny shit up at the drop of a hat, but for real quality humor, that will really get people laughing (if that's your intention) you'll need to script it out.
3. I know you said audio flash, but having something going on in the background could add to the humor. Maybe time certain pictures to just pop up after certain comments.

Other than that, not going with what everyone else was doing, probably the best asset to this. Not to mention, the voice was good, with some scripted humor it could be great. Nice work. ~ Dusty

FiretruckRob responds:

Thanks i'll take all your advice into the next one.


This kinda reminds me of the show "Home Movies" Did you ever see that show? Well, this is a lot like it. It's actually kinda neat. It's a new idea (new to me at least), and it went over pretty well. The voice quality was quite nice. Whatever you did to your (the) voice, keep doing it. I don't know if it was your (his/her) vocal cords, or if you chipmunked the recording, but keep it going, that added to the humor!

A few things, as always:
The voice could be a little louder in general. I don't mean affect your tone and speak louder, I mean just raise the volume on the recording louder.

Your style is really nice. That was what reminded me of "Home Movies." The problem is, your content isn't that great. The whole thing about not having something to talk about is cool, but try to keep it generally flowing most of the time. There were a few points where I felt it kinda slowed down. You can keep that "um...uh..." feel, just be sure to keep it moving. Its abstract, I know, but you'll get the hang of it.

Lastly, I know its an audio flash, but that doesn't mean for you to completely neglect the video. It should have some kind of simple introduction (including a loader and play button) to it before we hear the speaking, and it needs an ending with a replay button to eliminate the auto-loop.
Also, you could add some visual accents to the audio track. Like, if there's a section with key words in it (to a joke or to the idea), then flash those words (quoted or paraphrased) on screen briefly, just as an accent. Or, if there's a section where there's a rise in emotion in the voice, accent it with a fading color change, or something like that. Just adding little accents to your presentation, like accents on musical notes.

Overall, try to work it! It looks interesting, and if you worked on it a bit, it could be really cool. If you can, catch an episode of "Home Movies" on Adult Swim (Mon-Thur, 11:30, Cartoon Network) for more stylistic ideas. Hope to see more!

FiretruckRob responds:

Cool i'll check it out.

that was........

Uh... that was pointless, stupid, but overall a very funny audio flash. make more that was cool.

FiretruckRob responds:

Dont worry the next one is looking good!

You're right, it's stupid.

First, Hussein isn't Italian, moron. Second, if you know it's stupid, don't submit it, dumbshit!

FiretruckRob responds:

Im sorry. NOT.

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Apr 16, 2003
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