Alley of the Dolls Pt. 5

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This episode marks the last in the "Alley of the Dolls" series for Dr. Shroud. Viewers ultimately decided the outcome of this adventure at DrShroud.com. Dr. Shroud will appear again in "La Maudite: The Damned". Coming soon!!


You can VOTE on these things?

I just dropped in on the Dr. Shroud site, and I wish I had found out about Dr. Shroud sooner. When is the next series coming out? I think I'd like to try this voting idea out.

(As for the Attack of the Draculoids, I wonder what would've happened if the voters decided that Dr. Shroud WOULDN'T attack the brain machine. I guess we'll never know....)

robfeldman responds:

Hey there-
I am really glad you liked the site!! The next adventure, "La Maudite", will be out this summer. You will be able to vote with each installment, but only at DrShroud.com. You can see it on Newgrounds, but the voting aspect only takes part on the official site. It's a true vote, as I only work on it once the votes have been cast. Sign up for the mailing list for more updates. As for the big brain, well, we never will know. Heh, heh. ;)

excellent job

i just watched the whole series; it was very well-thought out and innovative. only one thing, i gave you a 6 for sound because the voices were a bit silly towards the end, especially the morticians; i mean it became downright silly at the end with his flailing arms and whatnot. great job overall, ill keep an eye out for the next series.


This is as good as this comic could be everyone and saying that it ended too short is just dumb. If the magician and Shroud got into a bigger fight it would be retarded, Shroud would just kick his ass. I don't like however that you brought up vampire techniques and all this stuff randomly, were you stuck thinking of a way to get Shroud to escape or something. It's cool that he is a vampire and all but I think it is strange. By the way, I think you should make some more, this was a great series, not perfect, but very good.


incredible animation. whats with the all of a sudden ending?

robfeldman responds:

Thanks---glad you liked it. I considered a few endings, but decided there were very few that were satisfying ways that it could go. I thought the abrupt ending wrapped up the fact that there is very little that could be done, except for more fighting. If this happened in real life, the next scene would be the arrival of the fire trucks, which doesn't seem very fulfilling to me--ha!! ;)

The toys all smell like children

most excellent hahahaha and muahahaahahaaaa!
This Alley of the Dolls series is Marvelous or should I say Caninous. keep up the good work.
I must say though after veiwing La Maudite that I think that maybe you should return to the black and white style (perhaps with just a splattering of red here and there ahahaha) a very unique story line which is why I must like so much I do think.

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Apr 14, 2003
12:07 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 15, 2003