Alley of the Dolls Pt. 5

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This episode marks the last in the "Alley of the Dolls" series for Dr. Shroud. Viewers ultimately decided the outcome of this adventure at DrShroud.com. Dr. Shroud will appear again in "La Maudite: The Damned". Coming soon!!


Pretty Good,,

not the Best but not the wrost.,,,,, I didnt know that he could transform into a Bat,,,,,, is it his Power or is he a Vampire or what ?

Explain better,,,,

robfeldman responds:

He is a vampire AND can transform into a bat.


Great ending

I liked what I saw,it was good work done by a dark mind it seems. The bat trick I was bit confused by but still enjoyed it and it had the cheesy elements to make a film great. I really liked this and it struck the goth side of me. I hope to see stuff this good in the future. I still think silence was better for it is golden,but I believe a lot of work and time went into this. A job WELL done.


Wow, it's the lowest over all score you've gotten from me so far. At least your graphics quality is still good. Style was a bit off with the bat-attack scene, so it goes down yet again. Sound was really annoying in this one for some reason - maybe it was all in the "bat attack" and how the Magician was talking. Yeah, that was pro'lly it. Violence is a 1 because you at least made an attempt at it. This one was way over the top in the cartoonish-ness. I'd say better luck next time, but I'm afraid you might still be listening to your fans.

yes it's the end

no it' not worth watching............................

Graphics still suck.

The excitement peaked at the third installment, and went downhill from there. The ending was ok, but very predictable.

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3.81 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2003
12:07 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 15, 2003