Tails VS Luigi Round 4

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This is round 4 of the Video game Arena tournament. If you want to see all the battles in this tournament check out my site or click other movies by Flashworkz.
This battle is a little different from my other ones. I've thrown a little RPG twist with it, and added a preloader movie. The next battle will be yoshi vs knuckles, and keep checking my site to find out when it will be done!


Too bad Tails lost.

What you should of done in this movie is that you should of put a background, make the movie more longer, and select a character who wins. You only put Luigi as a winner. Next time try to do the movie better okay.

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what the fuck was that?

that was fuckin' gay like what the hell that didn't even make any sense whatso ever like it would be better if there was a choice between them


the movie was ready even before sephiroth was done.
Giant chrono looks ugly, sprites arent made from spandex man.
and why did luigi's attack do 1 damage the first time and later more? makes no sense.


dude u suck why to the death if someone falls unconscious cant that be a loss www . nintendoland . com has real battles

OK now.

I'm just gonna give that a 10 on everything because Tails lost. I hate the Mario Brothers, but Tails is the worst video game character ever, so WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE LIKE HIM?

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3.08 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2003
1:18 PM EDT
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