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My first game of the Marble game was Marble Game Delux...please ignor that...lol. I've been working on this for 3-4 weeks, and have tweeked with the code for quite a while. Finally, my first full game product of Marble Game is out. I must say if my 4 level crappy Marble Game Delux got great Reviews, which it did, I'm hoping the same for this. There are sounds, music, and 15 levels of game play. Not only that, but I made 4 TWO PLAYER LEVELS! Now 2 people can battle, race, and cooperate through a few levels. I will be updating shortly, so look forward to V:2.

Once and a while the noise can get annoying, but I have tried to find out why, and failed, so bear with it. If you dislike the music or sounds, shut off your volume. Also, the Marble continues to roll even when stationary. I'm working on a more realistic marble now. I'm also not too fond of my level 15 boss. But the game is very addicting, especially the 2 player mode. When I make more levels and features, I can only say it gets better. and before I go, there is a little hole in the middle of the menu that can't be fallen into...yet...that room is under contruction for something else I have planned. Alright, thanks, and Enjoy the Game.


just goes to show

a game doesn't have to have the greatest graphics, plot, and be very long, one downer, the play button and code buttons don't work, so i had to start all over whenever I died, which got very annoying

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Good Game

Love the game. Reminds me of a game i used to play for the commodore. Fun challenging and original. look forward to maybe seeing a level designer. good game

Not bad.

It ain't too bad....
WAY too bugged.
And to tell you the truth, this isn't fun. Just a challenge. If it isn't fun, I give up easy.

gets dull

after a while it gets a bit dull and repetitive


Graphics : could do with quite a bit of work... very basic levels graphically. The enemies looked good.

Style: it was incredibly difficult to control. the marble moves too fast. What really pi***d me off was that when you jump, its random the height you jump!

Sound: The music was horrible.

Intercarctivity: .... a no brainer

Humour: remotely humorous... not very

Overall: Quite good... very frustrating

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3.39 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2003
11:33 AM EDT
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