Orpheus: The Rock Musical

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A Rock Musical version of the well-known Greek myth of Orpheus. Done for a Classical Mythology class instead of writing a 9 page paper. I think I win.

I suggest reading the Production Notes if you have no idea what the myth of Orpheus is, as well as other useless trivia about this project.

Most (over 50%) of this project was done over one very restless night (the night before the project was due), so keep in mind that for a movie that's NINE MINUTES LONG (i don't know of many movies on newgrounds that long), mostly done in one night, I think this is pretty damn good.

Of course, things suffer, the most being the audio quality. The best I could say is that I consider the acting and the voices pretty damn good, the only thing bad is the way they were recorded. Most movies on newgrounds don't even use dialogue.

Coming Soon - "End of aLiveJournal" and "aLiveJournal: End and Rebirth"



that was different. I liked it.
The video was good, animation was nice, you could feel what he was
feeling, plus the lines under his eyes showed he was stressed, I'm
glad you didnt show him intaking the drugs, I like how they kept bringing
up the tabloids, and kiss just kept trying to go to hell. just to see it
that was awesome! the boat reminded me of willy wonka...
plus its cool you showed the repricussions of why courtney got killed
and sent to hell. It was courtney right? anyways
It was nice!
but I wish it showed more of there relationship.

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This was absolutely wonderful!


A great parody of the Greek Myth, awesome. Thats really funny i gave you a 5! Great work!


sensing a trend

An animated rock musical to end all rock musicals!

Arvin once again proves he has the wits, humor, and talent to conquer. Today his victim is the animated rock musical. Watch out cause the world is next.

I salivate thinking about the day in which Arvin and I get to work together again.

Kudos Arvin, kudos.

~Devin Rogerino

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3.67 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2003
5:49 AM EDT
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