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Author Comments

Beauty is this...
in it's truest form.


The end was the only good part?!?!?!?!?!

Next time make it longer and more funny nob ed!

First off

Increase the frame rate. It goes too slow.
The graphics weren't that good either


Yes, I'm going to comment on your name because it's just so easy to do. Even if you do not believe in Christianity, there is actual proof that Jesus was a real man. Just because you're in a teenage hormonal anti-Hay zoos stage, it really doesn't change the fact that the man lived. Son of God or not. Or whatever. "JesusIsntReal" is u lyke rebelling against religion bcuz ur mommy made you go 2 church. So, you knew a lot of people would be insulted by it and this makes you an ATTENTION WHORE. Because I have just written almost a paragraph. I'm giving you too much damn attention as it is.

And anyway the flash was OKAY, but I wanted him to be beautiful in the end ):

LlamaThatStoleX-mas responds:

OK, anyone that knows me can easily tell that I'm not some rebellious teenage prick. And I'm anything but an attention whore. And to tell you the truth, I don't think I've actually been to a church more than once, and that was just to look at it, cause it was really fucking huge.

If you don't like my old name, don't look at it. If it insults you, do I care? If he was real do I care? NO!

I just find that christianity is idiotic and stupid. People thinking that they need help from some superior cosmic being because they're too fucking pathetically dependant on others that they have to resort to some fucking book of made up stuff, that's not even translated right.

They used to make up stupid crap because they didn't understand the world around them. We've proven that almost eveything once believed to be done by "god" or some other supernatural being was just simple science.

Besides, most organised religion is based off of stupid shit like this. We're going to believe some guy that "died for our sins"? Now, the thing about that is, he didn't have a choice. Do you think that the Romans would have just been like "okay, you can go if you want!" NO! This is the stupid shit that religion has in it. There's religions based off of people that nearly starved themselves to death and saw a hallucination for god sakes!

Just because I don't believe in some fictional character, doesn't mean that you have to resort to relying on him even more in your bitching complaining miserable life.

Coulda been better

Coulda been MUCH better.

LlamaThatStoleX-mas responds:

speaking of
Flash by Tejayes:
- none -

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Credits & Info

2.71 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2003
6:50 PM EDT
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