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Ronin-Spirit of the Sword

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I've generalized all the gritty details into a single FAQ. Please read this while the game is loading. Or, at the very least, read the one in the preloader.



9/23/06 After an amazing 3 year run, Ronin is finally falling off top 50 of all time. Thank you for all the reviews and personal e-mails from fans all over. Work on the sequel had just begun - yeah, it's 3 years late, but better late than never right?

5/25/04 (video link down)

6/11/03 Scoreboard is permenantly down

4/20/03 New version 1.1 uploaded.

4/16/03 Ronin made front page. Wow.

Finally, please e-mail bug reports directly to my e-mail address (jamus_se@yahoo.com) and leave comments and complaints on the review board. Enjoy and have fun.

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Oh what memories it brings back of middle school. Letting games fully load for 20 minutes on dial up so I can play them offline.

One of my most fondly remembered childhood flash games. (I know I shouldn't have been playing this as a kid, but when did that stop any of us?) It still holds up great, even today. My only true complaint is that every level is the same temple area, so it gets same-y after a while.

@Jeanioz Thank you so much for that password guide! This game has been converted to Ruffle, but Ruffle doesn't let you copy-paste text, and trying to type out one of those passwords by hand isn't feasible. Thank you for providing a solution!

Ronin - Spirit of the Sword

Super password:
Enter "JNAZZZZZZZZZZZZEZZRZZNOZOHZENA" as a password to unlock all levels,
and have ultimate strength, defense, Chi and all magic spells.

In v1.1, enter "INZZZZZZZZZZZZEZZZZZZODEFGHNV" as a password for maximum stats
and everything unlocked. Each characters position in the password is constructed
as follows.

1: Level + episode: I (Extreme level + episode 3)
- A, B, C: Normal episodes
- D, E, F: Hard episodes
- G, H, I: Extreme episodes
2: N (Placeholder)
3 to 5: Attack: ZZZ (2766, close to maximum)
6 to 8: Maximum Health: ZZZ
9 to 11: Chi: ZZZ
12-14: Maximum Spirit: ZZZ
15: E (Placeholder)
16 to 18: Health: ZZZ
19 to 21: Spirit: ZZZ
22: O (Placeholder)
23-27: Inventory:
- ABCDE: none
- BCDEF: riceball (HP+25)
- CDEFG: sushi (HP+50)
- DEFGH: sake (+CHI/ATK)
- EFGHI: wineskin* (MAX CHI+2)
- FGHIJ: bomb (DMG 60)
- GHIJK: shuriken (DMG 10X20)
- HIJKL: katana* (MAX ATK+2)
- IJKLM: armor* (MAX HP+2)
- (other letters): scroll*
* Item has no effect if used from inventory
28: N (Placeholder)
29: Spells:
- Z: No spell
- Y: 1 spell
- X: 2 spells
- W: 3 spells
- (other letters): all spells

ZZZ is not the maximum; above Z is /, but beyond that the codes get into various
characters. You can experiment to find them all, but 2766 is high enough to stroll
through the final level. The placeholders cannot be changed without giving an error.
The spell level character is reversed; any character lower than W gives you maximum,
higher characters give you lower spell levels. The inventory code characters are the
code plus the slot number. If you want to experiment to find all the inventory codes,
try it in the first slot, then add use one letter higher for each slot after the

For example, C is sushi in the first slot, G is sushi in the fifth slot.

To get all girls in gallery enter the following names:
Red Fox

Arena waves:
01. Target Practice: 1 zombie
02. Danger Room: 1 shuriken wave, 1 bamboo trap wave
03. The Samurai: 1 samurai
04. The Wolf: 1 wolf
05. The Ninja: 1 ninja
06. Swords and Traps: 1 samurai, 1 bamboo trap wave
07. Resident Evil Time: 3 zombies
08. Ninja and His Slave: 1 ninja, 1 zombie
09. Shuriken Fever: 3 shuriken waves
10. The Hidden Ninja: 1 samurai, 3 shuriken waves
11. One Ninja, Lots of Shirukens: 1 ninja, 8 shuriken waves
12. The Companions: 1 samurai, 1 wolf
13. Samurai Rush: 2 samurais
14. Wolf Pack: 2 wolfs
15. Red Fox: 1 Red Fox
16. The Undead Gang: 1 samurai, 2 zombies
17. Hmm, Ninjas: 2 ninjas
18. Gotta Catch Em All: 5 shuriken waves
19. Deadly Combo: 1 ninja, 1 samurai, 6 bamboo trap waves
20. Two Animals And A Funeral: 2 wolfs, 1 zombie
21. Undead Premium: 2 zombies
22. Samurai Boss: 1 samurai, 6 bamboo trap waves
23. Alpha Wolf: 1 wolf, 6 shuriken waves
24. Ninja Boss: 1 ninja, 6 bamboo trap waves
25. Blood Fang: 1 Red Fox

I love this game, and it's like the sequel to Sabermania that I always wanted. Also, the music and cutscene art is very nice.



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4.46 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2003
6:03 PM EDT
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