Pussy Whipped

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After spending a few months in another galaxy Alien Sex God finds some changes have taken place on Earth.
In this episode we meet Alien Sex God's new girlfriend, Fiona, and see how she thwarts his glee over the new war..



its pretty good, and i realize mindless nudity in these movies aren't always good, but with a name like "pussy whipped" what else could there be but pussy?? i thought it did not live up to the name sake. Sorry.

Ranxx responds:

Thanks for the review. The reason this one's called Pussy Whipped is because Alien Space God is being pushed around by his new girlfriend, Fiona. Alien Sex God usually doesn't even listen to women so it's called Pussy Whipped because she's telling him what to do not because there is nudity. But don't worry Alien Sex God dropped Fiona and he's going to Las Vegas..

Pretty funny.

A nice change from your usual mindless nudity. This was political and cool. And well done. I mean, all your movies are well-done, but the women all look the same.

Ranxx responds:

Thanks man. From your profile I see that you are unusually progressive and astute for a 15-year-old. Way to be.
I'm also an Atheist. These "kids" that reviewed before you missed all the boats.
I agree I need to keep working on my artwork and I appreciate the comment. I plan to try and improve my drawing. I'm a programmer by profession so that's my expertise. For instance this movie is on 1 frame and moves from MC to MC using actionScript. The function makes the sound sync regardless of the computer speed.
NEway thanks again for the kind of review that I can use.
BTW - that's a killer gif on your profile.

Like S***

if you wanna loose your time... see this movie.. not even the b*** was hot enough...


i dont get it.....

that wasted my precious time >:(

Ranxx responds:

Of course you don't get it. You're a 14-year-old goth christian. You're much too vacuous to understand the symbolisms and jokes.

Enjoyed it..

Glad i gave it a 5. Hope to see more from you.

Ranxx responds:

Wow.. Thanks man,
I appreciate that.
I'll keep making em. Flash is a cool medium to say the least.. I don't expect many ppl to appreciate, or understand, something like this one but I'm glad some do.

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2.52 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2003
4:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Original