The Ugly Girl

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A parody of Aqua's 'Barbie Girl' song with my animation to it. I worked long and hard on this, so please give me a decent vote.


I remember this from fifteen YEARS ago, and this was 5-star material back then. Oh, how have times changed. I wish the uploader would fix the frame rate / synchronization, which I imagine had gone bad due to the many many many Flash updates since back then.

(yeah yeah, kids get off my lawn)

lol, funny

it has gone outof sync

it was well animated too bad it fell apart

Kinda funny

Alright you do have something here i was actually pretty impressed with what you have going on here, i did however think some extras could be added and you could change some things, but overall you have done well on this. Haha ok allthough this is kind of short i have found it pretty amsuing, its really short though so you should for sure add some more content maybe some new scenes and such. allthough this was kind of old i still found it to be pretty funny and entertaining, infact i tend to like these older flash stuff as they had some good originality to them, so nice job on that could use some more work though, some subtitles wouldnt hurt. And that was that the ending was good as we do come to the ending of this and the submission i was more impressed with how you ended it so good job there and hope to see more of your interesting and entertaining work. so keep them comming.

So this is where i may suggest some small tips and possibly some suggestions, i hope you will take a small look into some of the suggestions as they should help and if not atleast i have tried to suggest some positives. Alright so for me i thought this could have used some subtitles it will make it someting extra and doesnt hurt to have some, its just one of those little things that make it a much better flash experience. its really short though so you should for sure add some more content maybe some new scenes and such.

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I laughed a good bit

This was pretty silly actually, she's ugly and the guy doesn't want her anywhere near him because of it. Animating was a little off but I like that since it was pretty close to how the real video could have possibly gone an dI really enjoyed that about the flash as well.

Storyline was cool I guess considering how dumb and ugly she looked, very nice drawing as well, good job on this piece of work.


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1.97 / 5.00

May 13, 2000
7:37 AM EDT
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