jenni goes fetish

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titties, industrial music, and a fetish room

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A great old school film, but should be longer.

I liked it

This was neat i like these kind of flashes and it was cute at times, aswell as having some decent artwork, so notbad ata ll, wish you would add more content though.

Needs more content


Hasn't changed

ugh, I had hoped that this one would be different. STOP LABELING GOTHS! Goths aren't like this at all from the way you are describing it. Try going outside for once and you will see that goths are so much cooler than this.

practice practice practice

not so bad i think u can do better juss keep at it if u want to take ur time and make a storyline at least do that next episode if u make 1 more episode but take ur time and practice ur not so bad,o and beth id hit it wuld u? (i kno it sounds nasty to lust for somethin not real) don't let these ohter bitches punk u around not everyones first flash of a series is great for example take a look @ miss dynamite, sirkowski's first episode sucked in art and animation wise but he got better over time so juss practice ok

A whole new level of poor...

The graphics needed much more work before putting it live. It wasn't funny, and there wasn't a story or plot.

Like the last Jenni, KILL YOURSELF, THATS GOTHY! Shut up! Gothic is a tense for a dark individual. Not some person who doesn't eat, sleep, and is miserable...

This is extremely poor. So poor there isn't a word made for this kind of flash.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2000
2:46 PM EST
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