Mr Biggle 3

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You hated his first 2 adventures, i dont see why, hes very happy, so, im giving you a third one, but dont worry, this is actually quite lengthy, has some good touches, and nice music. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Please comment on in, because thats the only reason i put them up, to see what other people think

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What the...? I might need a psychiatrist after this, what an odd experience! And what exactly is Mr. Biggle? He looks like a shaft-and-satchel with green Silly String for hair! Nice lightsaber scene though--that penguin bastard had it coming!

((( HUH )))

Um ok well that seemed abit bizzar, kinda silly if you think about it, had some funny parts hehhe feed the chickens hehe, well notbad funny and silly...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Silly, but funny...


Everyone´s sillaay

What? You cant diss Biggle. he´s brilliant. WHOOOOOOOOOA. Fishjob arghhhh. Words. Sounds a bit sick. I wonder what´d ahppen if you glue a pelican to a mushroom. MR BIGGLE of course! And yes today I could be arded to scroll down to 10


That was funny. I wish I had been able to see the other two Mr. Biggles. This is so bizarre (to anyone other than me and about five other guys) that I love it. Favorite part was when he got to the farm.

That music was pretty good, so were the ridiculous voices. Not everyone can make a high-pitched sound-recorderesque voice "work" the way you can.

this sucks

you used bitmap images to make the size bigger so people would thin\k its a good movie but it sucks.

thewelk responds:

why would i do that, it would make more people annoyed with me, and the images were not the things that made the file size so big, it was the music

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3.83 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2003
6:34 AM EDT
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