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Kronik vs. FF1

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Thank's everyone for trying out this game, soon I will update it and make it slightly harder. then will get working on Kronik vs. Crono.
Thanks for the reviews so far, I would like other reviews though if that is possible voice your opinion!


(I fixed the many bugs besides the enemies post death attack, but Despairs should work now and I believe you can now kill the final enemy)

First off!!!! I love Final Fantasy this is just supposed to be kinda funny.

Well yah, Hi here I am again, and have decided to go away from the original stuff and make a FF like tribute with tasty facts and tidbits.

It's set in Krons world and Sprites are taking over, this is a side story to F.A.T.E and is supposed to have some humor, comic relief from alot of things F.A.T.E has.

Enjoy this it features a kickass audio track I found, and some Final Fantasy 1 chars you might remember!.

The next installment will Be Kronik VS. Crono. So if you would like to see that or help in any way email me at


Enjoy this tribute to FF1

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kronik sucks!
ff1 rocks!

a lil to short and not to satisfieing end

it was fun, but too easy, too short, and not a good ending


But, KOOL!


Simple, easy, I beat it nice and fast. these things wold help.
1: A mp system I used tri till the last fighter died.
2: you shud have a longer mod for thos who can commit to games
but ceep the old one.

Too Easy

Not that good. It was way too easy. I never actually got to use a despair, and all of the attacks were pretty simple, no real difference. Attack is the most basic, compile is useless, all of the despairs just hurt both the enemy and you for differing amounts, and despairs... are almost never, if ever, accessable.

Your future games are much better, I'm glad to inform people.