South Park : Ultimate

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hey, i have made a intro for my new game that will be out soon its called: south park ultimate shooting!
i know this isnt a very good flash movie, i putted it here on newgrounds because some people here ''begging'' me for a demo or somethi ng like that and here it is!
Enjoy it!



i can't to play the full version i likedit music was creapy that's why it was cool

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Lemme guess...

That was the un-aired theme version right? If so WHOOOOOO! If not, CRAP! Ah well, we'll see hope you send a response in reply lol.

that was good

this is a good start, i look forward to whatever this is gonna be the intro to! also hace to congratulate on the cartman voice, did ya do it yaself??? if so, good job, sounded identical to trey parker

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Nice try...

I've seen better, but I've seen worse also. Just because it was south park I cut you some slack. One thing that was good though, REALLY good was that Cartman voice. If you did it??? It sounded so identical to Cartman I'm not sure if it was you or Trey Parker himself.

I may need some voice talents for some future south park episodes I'm planning on making. If you wan't you can do the Cartman voice.

good start

This is a great start this game could be great based on the intro. I gave you a lower sound score because it seemed like it was very choppy and just had an overall lag to it. That wasnt my computer because i have a practically new computer...but overall very good

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1.76 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2003
4:41 PM EDT
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