A Clockwork Orange 02

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Announcement: There is current work of a remake to parts 1 & 2 of my Clockwork spoof. The remake will also contain the long overdue parts 3 & 4. Look out for it when I finally get off my lazy ass and finish it.

The unfinished spoof continues here, as Alex teaches his droogs some manners.


could have been better

i think it was pretty funny but....it still should have been a smittin more disturbing! mabey a rape scene or...a brutal killing, but! whatever floats your christian based boat!


this wuz T3H FUNNEH

Not only is this "Clockwork Orange" a perfect parody of the real one, but it's also a hell of a lot more palatable (thanks for cutting out the disturbing rape scene, me bruthuh).

It's slightly off-tangent, but I used "A Clockwork Orange" with a group of respondents for a sociology project, and realized that I either got a lot more optimistic and less sociopathic than the last time I had seen it (which was in the 10th grade--the formidable "sadistic years"), or Stanley Kubrick had somehow come back from the grave to make the movie as disturbing a movie as he could possibly make it. I'm not ruling out either possibility just yet.

My favorite scene in YOUR movie, however, was when our friend Alex started in with his ultraviolence to the tune of "Don't Fear the Reaper", and I also liked that the droogs were a lot nicer in this one. Good to see. I always thought they were too hard on poor Alex. What with, y'know, trying to kill him and all.

I was about to close the window altogether at the beginning, however. I thought you were going to go the obvious route with the orgy scene, and, had you done that, I would've called Scotland Yard on your duff, me 'eartie. We don't need another Pete Townshend scandal here, lad.

Good voiceacting, good pictures accompanying a stupid story, and you have singlehandedly re-invented a classic. I think that deserves a 10.

the psa...

That public cservice announcement was fuckign classic, clockwork orange is my favorite movie...but i can seem to get into this series. I can tell you've read the book, which is a good thing. But yeah, that psa was fucking AWESOME.


Even though a clockwork orange is my favourite movie, i couldnt stop laughing when i saw this. Especially with the part when Alex took the remote, and the cat lady was like dont touch it! its very expensive equipment! Keep up the good work.. lmao

can't wait to see part 2

great job brother

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Apr 8, 2003
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