A Clockwork Orange 02

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Announcement: There is current work of a remake to parts 1 & 2 of my Clockwork spoof. The remake will also contain the long overdue parts 3 & 4. Look out for it when I finally get off my lazy ass and finish it.

The unfinished spoof continues here, as Alex teaches his droogs some manners.



Where is your new flash? Are you dead? Do you need Paypal for support?

EricSullivan responds:

No. No. I'm just lazy, and I swamped myself with flash movies I've started but have yet to finish.
Sorry I'm taking so goddamned long.

sht wall?

that ws funny, but i havent seen the whole movie so im wondering is the shitwall in the movie?

EricSullivan responds:

No. It's not. The shit wall was just something really really stupid I decided to put into the movie.

very funny if you watched the movie

obviously not the best graphics but amazing voice-overs. id take out the shit on the wall part, that was just silly. everything else was just hilarious, of course if you watched the movie

EricSullivan responds:

Yeah. I don't like the "shit wall" part either. What the fuck was I thinking when I made that?!


What is with the people who review this that have absolutely no sense of humour? Are they joking or something? I thought it was hilarious, the public service announcement thing was brilliant and it should be made into a real ad.
I like the movie a clockwork orange and this parody didn't ruin it at all. So many funny parts, like finding out the babies were boys, crazy fucking white people, and where he sits on top of the other guy with his package right in the guy's face, it was really good attention to detail. This flash should be more popular so even though the animation's crappy i gotta give it a high score.


this is just beyond cool , man !!!
awesome , i love the movie
i'll make my own parody too , CHEERS BROTHERS !

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3.55 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2003
2:18 AM EDT
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