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A Clockwork Orange 02

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Announcement: There is current work of a remake to parts 1 & 2 of my Clockwork spoof. The remake will also contain the long overdue parts 3 & 4. Look out for it when I finally get off my lazy ass and finish it.

The unfinished spoof continues here, as Alex teaches his droogs some manners.

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PSA is awesome!!!

Now Timmy is not popular! This is AWESOME!!!! REDRUM omg this is hillarious!


it was ok


Oh my goodness, this was hilarious! You NEED to make more! I got what you were trying to do with him and the two babies, since in the book they were about 12, and I found that really clever! I love this, and I repeat myself, you HAVE to make another!

Far exceeded my initial expectation.

Aaaaaah! At last,a parody that truly IS a parody;seriously people need to look up the definition of said word. Mr. Kubrick may not have been proud of this interpretation,nor would Mr.Burgess;though it was funny and true in jocular spirit,not misrepresentaional or inaccurate.I loved part 01 and especially part 02.Please finish all other parts of the series,I await them impatiently.~P.S. Please P.M. me on the progress of the series,I will even buy you a drink at the Moloko Villocet&we can listen to some Beethoven on the"Fuzzy Warblers".

EricSullivan responds:

I can tell you the progress of the remake as it stands right now.

Part 3 has been at 80% completion for some time now, but I've now been thinking about going back and sprucing up some things in it (such as the dubbing & some animation). It's going to be added into one big movie with the 2 remakes of part 1 & 2, along with part 4, which I have yet to start on.

The remake of Part 1 so far, is only up to the start of the scene where Alex meets the two birdies in the music shop.

And the remake of Part 2 has yet to be started on. But everything is written and voiced and ready to be animated, none the less.

flippin sweet

man i read the book
then watched the movie
and then im bored so i go on here to find good flash movies
and look wat i found
im so happy

this movie made my day/week/month
so ya

EricSullivan responds:

Wait for my long overdue remake of this flash. You'll love it.