TERRAIN: Chapter 1

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I've been working on this as an experiment, off and on for a while now. The game plays well on 500+ mghz computers. Play it on anything slower and it might chug along.

Chapter 2 is completed and is on Newgrounds. Check out my other submissions to locate it. However, for the sake of continuity, I recommend starting with Chapter 1. I hope you all enjoy this first installment.

***Wow! Thanks for all the encouragement, everyone. I know there are a couple of bugs so here are some suggestions on how to get through the game more easily (SLIGHT SPOILERS):

-Check the data card. If you didn't pick it up after blasting the first "worker bot" go back and get it. Also, if you dial in the wrong sequence of symbols at the terminal (in the tunnel) a black button will appear on the screen to the right, allowing you to reset. When done correctly, you unlock the second terminal. Go there and unlock the third terminal. After that, go to the third terminal (doors) and exit.

-Blast all three boulders above the gap...wait a beat or two...then cross.

-zoom all the way in...run your mouse over the "device" on the right. (it's a very small "hot spot" so make small movements). This will freeze the camera. Then you can blast it. After that, hit the switch behind it to shut down the laser fence. Zoom all the way back out and use your mouse to search for the last "hot spot". This will turn on the lights and end this section.

Hope this helps.


super jeu

super graphisme bon style est une interactiviter 9/10 continuer comme sa


For anyone who said this game sucked probably didn't even make it past the first puzzle and probably can't tell me what the game is even like 5 minutes in. It probably could have used actuall guns but i did like the fact that you had to be quick to shoot the enemies especially the camera's. Nice job. lookin forword to the next episode.

this game is total shit

there is nothing good abut this game, apparently you are using a white glove cursor to shoot enemies that resemble the terminator machines, the colors are all off, no shading, i felt like i was using the force on a weird psychadelic bed bath and beyond dream

totally shit

This game was cool

It was cool but kind of confusing.


A game that has it all. Great visuals, gameplay, and an excellent plot. I also liked how you added the Undiscovered Country Theme in Chapter 2, in fit in so well (As I am a Star Trek fan anyway). Terrain is an awesome series and I hope to see Evilution soon. Like the work man, It's amazing!!!

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Apr 6, 2003
9:17 AM EDT
Action - Other
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