Mix Masta Monkey

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This includes music compleatly created by me, and a monkey on the turntables. Also a monkey dancing. I will upload more versions of this movie, so please vote 5 so I can keep it up and not get it taken off.


2 poorly drawn monkeys dance around and listen to a looping audio file

thank fuck it stops after a while

odd and strange

I had fun with this and while not revolutionary, I love the idea of itself. I have been writing this review and come to enjoy this, It didn't seem to go with a general theme, just kind of random. It was interesting that way. Well this one was kind of strange, i like the fact that it has your music in it, you could even throw that in the audio portal but then again this is an older flash entry, you could have atleast added more "CONTENT" as there was just the one scene, but i guess it was more for the audio and such, was also abit short, so there are clearly some things that could be worked on here. Wow, that was a pretty Good flash for what it was worth. I like how you don't make it too flashy or anything, because you simply don't need to. It's a good Entry for its simplicity.

fans of this will appreciate it more, If you cleaned it up maybe added some new things just a few anyways, so i have gone ahead and suggested a few ideas for you to look at and try and implement into your system. So there are a few things you could do to make this better, add more scenes maybe have the character dance in differant ways and not just the flipping over, so it also needs some more contentand with that could be longer aswell.

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kind of cute, but very repetitive, the drawings are okay, but the animation just repeats and nothing really happens storywise.


Okay, at first is looks like a dancing monkey and a DJ monkey, which sounds pretty cool. However, on closer inspection, all it was was music playign, a single background, and a monkey that wasn't tweened all that well moving around the screen. The DJ wasn't too bad and I liked how that looked, but there really wasn't anythign to this flash.


It was ok at best, simple. I watched about 30 seconds and was bored.

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2.08 / 5.00

May 12, 2000
9:58 PM EDT
Music Video