Soldier - Ep.1: It Starts

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I've been working on this for a while and I'm planning on making a series of this, all Ep.s better than this one, hopefully some day the series will become as great as Neuroticly Yours, Dead Babies, or dare I say dun-dun-dun... Joe Zombie! But this one isn't as good as I would have hoped at the start of it. Hope you like it, and look forward to another, better one soon. Pleeeeaaaase leave reviews, I love reading them and responding to them I'll respond to as many as I can... even the eeeevil ones.



don't make the camra thing in the eye it's stupid but still it's pretty good 9/10

That was good

Hey man i realy think this would be a good series. just fix up the voices and all that and dont take crap from anybody. I was reading the reviews and some fag said you suck at flash next time instead of saying you suck at reviews tell them cause its probably true if there agruing on a review they suck at life keep it up i realy like your work. write back man


It's kinda cute...but I dunno its quite boaring...

TheMaskedOutcast responds:

boring, you mean?

A good idea

This is a good idea you have here. This episode was...well...Boring as hell, but I think this has a lot of potential for greatness. Can't you make the next one a little more...I dunno...Interesting? I don't mean any disrespect but....yeah. Anyway, I hope to see some great stuff out of you.

TheMaskedOutcast responds:

you could ave lashed out at me in this review, i know you wanted to, but anyways, nice review, thanx

i hope ...

this is gonna be a good series , it looked promissing , i liked most aspects and i loved the story and don't worry about the actions , every good series start with the how and when so now we know what it is all about , unlike some other flashes here that tell you hey there's a guy fighting and you ask yourself who that guy is and why the hell is he fighting . Nice story , good flash , i expect a great 2nd episode.

TheMaskedOutcast responds:

thanx :D

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3.77 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2003
8:47 PM EST
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