F.A.T.E Chapter 1

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Minor Updates: I fixed a glitch that happened in the despair section. For all that asked they can only be used when your hp is 12 or under. thankyou.

Ok, I worked hard on this. on a 4 year old G3 Imac. But enough of that on with the true shite.

This is Chapter 1, there are 9 more chapters after this, each with a growing plot, more chars and wicked enemies. Each new char has a backround profile and then assists you in battle so in the end there will be 10 chars on your team.

This could be a tribute to Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy because with out those why would I make such a battle system?

So if you want later installment please tell me.

Thank you enjoy this game.



I like the thing & all but the box to play it in is like so fuckin small ya can't see shit really,.. so find a ways to get it to normal kick ass size & ya got yourself great work


Very nice game. Aslong as you keep using the cure, you'll survive. I like the plot, but honestly, this seems to much like a beta, fix it.
Neo-DarkHeart is one of those people that doesn't know what strategy is, only knows how to press attack or special attack basically. The game requires strategy, if you don't have it, don't play it, imbeciles.

KronikNkoke responds:

Thanks not alot of people understand that flash games can be complicated.

Thanks for the review.

just fukking cool

I am very impressed by this game
This surpasses the prefabricated colors and simplistic backgrounds that I've seen in other games done in flash
I liked the monochrome quility of the setting and imaginative plot
I hope to see more of your story

Wickedly Awesome

great background story, this guy is a total freak, but cool as hell, how he hurts himself to make others feel pain is also awesome, the fighting system is awesome, but yeah like others said, the screen could be bigger, not saying your work is bad, your work kicked ass..just stating the screen should be bigger, also like some others said that i agree with, try to make it into an exploration rpg, fighting minions of F.A.T.E, choosing what team member to fight with, and so on, having the episodes a bit longer too, other than that, great idea, great graphics, great sound,the whole damn plot is just wicked awesome, you truly are a unique master minded individual =), also tell me, how long did it take you to make this?, after viewing your creation did you play it and enjoy it as well?

KronikNkoke responds:

Thanks for the plot review, It seemed kindof weird at first when I showed other people about it and stuff but hey? This game took me awhile to make to tell the truth, (I alway's wanted to make a rpg ever since I got flash "about 2 years ago). And started coding it in like mid 2002, then I just kindof lost it in a comuter crash and to remake the entire spine. (I call all basic flash script files Spine Boy). So I guess this took me an estimated 5-6 months of work, not constantly but like everyday atleast 2-4 hours.

Yah I did play with the game for a real long time, and thought it was really fun so decided after 2 weeks to put it on newgrounds, I am working on chapter 1.5 wich has more options and maybe a few more fights. Then onto chapter 2.

Very sweet man

This was really fun. Liked the audio, plot was Fucked up, so it made it all the better. Battle system was sweet. And you actual made one good fight. RPG's are complicated so I understand why you had only one battle, the fact you even made one says that you are very hard working. I only found one problem and thats the special attacks at the very end of the selection, never seem to pop up. Like when you get to very low hp and are supposed to be able to use one of two hardcore attacks. Also, in the intro for your main character vs Chrono, the part where you say certain conditions can happen, i.e:Lost of a loved one, causing suicide. Never has a chance to happen so why put it in? anyways, kick ass game, love your other RPG fights also. Shweet. Keep it up, hopfully this will start getting a much better score.

KronikNkoke responds:

thanks for the review, I have not been around for awhile but the next F.A.T.E installments are in the planning stages, expect something more then just sprites ripped from other games, kronik is being totally redone aswell is coke and some other F.A.T.E chars to join the fights. My site will soon have a whole new section devoted to the creation of this game so yah. The next F.A.T.E is set to be a mass game from chapter 3-9. thanks for the review hell you inspired me to continue with the game and have a more original approach with even better animation.

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Apr 4, 2003
4:02 AM EST
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