F.A.T.E Chapter 1

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Minor Updates: I fixed a glitch that happened in the despair section. For all that asked they can only be used when your hp is 12 or under. thankyou.

Ok, I worked hard on this. on a 4 year old G3 Imac. But enough of that on with the true shite.

This is Chapter 1, there are 9 more chapters after this, each with a growing plot, more chars and wicked enemies. Each new char has a backround profile and then assists you in battle so in the end there will be 10 chars on your team.

This could be a tribute to Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy because with out those why would I make such a battle system?

So if you want later installment please tell me.

Thank you enjoy this game.



that sucked. the despair is useless cuz fate's attacks do at least 50 damage always, and you said despair only worked for 12 hp or under, and the special attacks arent worth it... love, pain, all except cure and airon blade are useless, and even airon blade's attack doesnt do enough damage to warrent it's hp taken away from you. i'm bout to go play the second one now, i hope it's a lil better...


I dunno what to say, overall its pretty good but, I just don't feel anything special about it. Technically it's very well done, but its nothing that hasn't been seen before.

Hmm, your work...

is really good and usually has a lower score then it deserves, I like the way the chars are completely fucked and such, well anyway. good work.

just fukking cool

I am very impressed by this game
This surpasses the prefabricated colors and simplistic backgrounds that I've seen in other games done in flash
I liked the monochrome quility of the setting and imaginative plot
I hope to see more of your story


but only 1 fight and it was 2 short and easy.

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3.46 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2003
4:02 AM EST
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