Prelude to the Light

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If this passes, I will continue the SaGa


the hell is this?

the music sucked, the flash didn't even have graphics; it was just text, no style, no violence, no humor, and no interactivity. At least make it scary next time..

Saga!? What saga!?

Please. No more. This one had absolutely no point, and really, i've had it with all of these pointless videos that just set you up to try and surprise you. What? Couldn't find some grotesque picture to put up there when the noise played? Hmm, oh well, wouldn't have worked anyway. Please don't make anymore.

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So what

Wa i supposed ot be scared or something...i dont get it


I don't get it... was that it? And whats the point anyway?

A pointer...

I knew what was going to happen as soon as i started watching the movie...try making the song different, it was too upbeat to lull the viewer into that false sense of security...and change the pic of when the "scary" moment happens...flashing colors aren't scary...try an ugly face or something...something that doesn't need to be interpreted too much. and make the song a little shorter, i think that's all the help i can give you...if you can find that "kikia" thing anywhere, watch it...that's the way the shock flash movies should be made...hope this helps!

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1.92 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2003
12:24 AM EST