Kickflip over thing

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another stop motion film
this one is a lesser file size and theres no music
skate boarders should like this
vote and reveiw nicley
all done by me..


ok ill give it to u straight

its not good at all, its a waist of newground space, its to fast not entertaining and really needs to be longer. And how about making your own stuff then putting stuff on here which ait prove your abillity. im putting 0 in all of this but im not sure if it gets blammed.

too choppy

it was a nice idea, but it was also too short

Did I miss something?

I feel like you've wasted my time with this short, pointless movie. Ok, alot of movies here are pointless, but this actually made me feel hostile and aggravated.

I'm afraid its too short...

Its a good idea, but more of a story line wouldve helped.

really cool and funny

yeah man really cool but i think it was one of your first movie cuz i've seen your work and it's lot better than that but anyway really cool and all

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1.71 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2003
10:26 PM EST
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