ZD Eve DressUp - Uncut

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Edited: Ok... gonna make a quick response to some of the ignorant comments that i've received... i'm aware that this isn't the best dress-up game out there, saying bluntly "IT SUCKS!" isn't nesessary... and to those that said the voice sounded like a guy, in fact, it WAS a girl that did the voice... and I think she'd be hurt to hear what some people here have said...

in short, if you didn't like it, give an INTELLEGENT review/critique... keep any ignorance to yourself... it only demonstates a rather low IQ...

If you've visited my website, you'll know the character, my sites mascot, eve! i've been a fan of the NG dressup games for a while, even some outside of NG, so i figured, why not make one of my own!

just because it's my sites's mascot, doesn't mean this is shameless self-promotion... on the contrary, NG is getting the uncensored version of it, NG was the best place for it, because my server doesn't allow nudity, so i'll be putting the toned down version there... so if your playing it here, your playing what i origionaly had in mind.

this is my second ever flash game, my first being frag mario a couple years ago, i've learned a great deal more about drawing, graphics technology and action script since then, such as the 3D rendered backgrounds in this, heheh.

note: i would've added more clothing selections, but it was already beginning to lag.. so as a result i actualy had to remove some to make it run smoothly... and yes... i'm aware the feet ain't drawn so well...

anyway, hope you enjoy it!

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its okay but it could use more options.

awesome dress up, real quick is there any way i can get the BGM? this tune is sick and it's on my mind for a few years now, i could def use the Music for this when i am meditating or doing Tai-chi

it ok

its ok but needs more words than hey

hhmm i want a little more action....

heres a tip u r doing something to go in the MATURE section add a vibrator or some violent comedy to make it really mature and spruce it up a bit.........but i did like the face she gives u when u touch her spotsXD

Nice game..

I like this game, it's really fun. Although it does get boring after a while. I really love the music. I think if it had more options and maybe more clothing, it would be much, much better. But I really like it. Good job!

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3.12 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2003
6:09 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up